Outfit suggestions - coat and clutch?

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  1. Attached is a picture of the outfit I plan to wear for senior prom.

    Firstly, what do you think of the dress/shoes/necklace?


    What would you wear with it in terms of clutch/jacket - I haven't got a clue??

    Thanks :smile:

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  2. i was thinking either a blazer or a leather jacket.
    the clutch can be a simple little clutch that match the jacket in color.

    have fun!!
  3. Love the dress! It's so cute and edgy. Wish I had something as hot when I went to senior prom :P Shoe and jewelry choices are great too.

    I agree with june... a black or dark gray leather jacket would go great with the dress IMO. I'm kind of boring when it comes to colors so I'd just suggest a clutch in the same color family, either a neutral metallic or just black again. Get something with a wrist strap for convenience :smile: Or something with a chain would be cute too.
  4. Thank youu :smile: