Outfit opinions + stockings, HELP!

  1. SO I have this dress is gray (but it's much longer on me, being 5'2 and petite):

    And these shoes in black:

    And I'm trying to figure out what sort of stockings to pair with it. What sort of stockings are in the stock photo? I'm new to "dressing up"...lol :shame: Also sorta planning on it as a student teacher outfit :idea:
  2. ^^^ really??! You think they're old looking? I think it's just the picture. I was actually worried about them looking too young and trendy, with the platform and all. They're very high - the heel's 4" and they're suede.

  3. *shrug* i'm sorry if i offended/surprized you, i didn't mean too.. i mostly just think they are very 'heavy' looking is style, you know? I guess they're just not my style
  4. ^^^ no, no - no offense :p. I'm sorta going for a heavy look on the foot being the dress is very, very plain and makes me look extremely tiny. I'll be layering beads on the top and the shoes will counteract the tiny top - the beads will be black on the gray dress, balenciaga bag black, some sort of knit stockings in black then the black platform heels... it'll be sort of 80's and a bit Mary Kate Olsen - hold the trash :yes:
  5. I like the shoes a lot...I'd definitely wear them with some nice wool or cashmere (yum) tights in black. I think the outfit will be really cute!
  6. like the dress and the shoes, and do like the shoes that sammydoll suggested, too.
  7. I like the shoes. The heavy platform heel is very in fashion right now. It balances out the dress because the top is so light. If you wore a light shoe with it, I think that would look too young, like you're wearing the dress to go party. The chunky heels work great because it makes this look appropriate for the colder months ahead. If you want some chunky ribbed tights in grey, H&M has some right now.
  8. PS- The shoes don't look old at all. I don't see many old women wearing platforms. If you want to look old, wear some loafers instead. :p
  9. Thanks for all the new comments and reassurance :yes:

    Now I gotta figure out tights! I'm new to dresses, so I've been wearing them either bare for casual wear or with shear/opaque stockings with dressier dresses for more special occasions, weddings, etc... so this new knit "tight", as I hear it being called, is very new for me... I hope I can rock it! hehehe :lol:

    Do you have any suggestions on where to find them?
  10. ^Sure, figleaves.com has some options, including Wolford, which is a brand I like. Also, check out thevermontcountrystore.com. It's not a totally obvious choice, but I've gotten tights there; for a good deal too! Hope this helps!
  11. That dress is so cute! Where did you get it? I think Nordstrom has a great selection of DKNY tights. They are priced $10-14.
  12. Cute dress! I think textured tights in black will look great rather than just plain ones. Keeping the same color will not break the line (so it'll lengthen the legs) and the texture will add a bit of edge!
  13. So I had no luck finding textured tights today - but I did score some cool textured knee-highs which I *think* will do the job...no?

    The shoes don't fit - I'm a 5 - they're a 5 - we don't fit. I'm looking for another shoe I can friggin tie to my foot (slingbacks I guess)... arggg
  14. Gap :smile: