Outfit ideas

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  1. I have a closet full of clothes and receive all the fashion magazines but sometimes can't figure out what to wear, put together etc. Any suggestions for outfit ideas? Websites etc.? Thanks!!
  2. pinterest/ women's fashions. done. lol.

    on a bad note though, I've spent way more money than usual after looking thru the site just hunting down "basics" I never knew I needed. sigh. :P
  3. Polyvore can also be good (depending on the person who made the set) for inspiration :biggrin:
  4. I totally agree on pinterest for fashion.

    I must warn u though, after awhile being on there u n going to want everything u see. So addicted lol
  5. There are tons of fashion bloggers these days. You can scroll through outfits for inspiration.
  6. When you see an outfit that you really like and that is mostly made up of pieces you already have, clip it/repin it. Then deconstruct it to figure out what makes it so great. Sometimes the best outfits are really basic when you get down to it, but what makes them special is the texture, fit, or one special touch like a great accessory or pop of color.
  7. My go to for inspiration are blogs, fashion magazines, and fashion week.
  8. I would just google whatever it is you want to wear on a given day, for whatever situation, e.g. "dress up a pencil skirt for an evening out" or "mix business attire with casual wear"--you'll get lots of hits; granted, not all will be good ones, but you might get some ideas. The problem with pinterest and the like is that if you don't already have the pieces, you may feel you need them to complete a look--and you already said you have a closet full of clothes.
  9. Wow. Some great ideas. Thanks. I've tried googling but it's hit or miss. I have a good range of clothes but sometimes don't think to wear a certain top with a bottom or shoes. Then I can't always figure out how to incorporate my accessories, scarves, pins, headbands, belts. You know the drill. I just need inspiration. I can put together an ok outfit but rare nowadays to put together a knockout styling one.
  10. Lol. Just went to pin interest. Already got 5 great outfit ideas. But I can see the problem So many cute things that I just might NEED! I feel bad for my DH.
  11. The "Outfit of the Day" sticky thread in this forum. A new one just started, but you can go through the one before it. Pick the outfits you like and try to mimic them with what is in your closet. For example, if the outfit has a yellow pant and a blue top, you might do a yellow top with blue jeans.

    If you find yourself liking the same person's OOTDs, go through their blog to get more ideas.

    One of my favorites is wendyslookbook. Her youtube channel has a bunch of pairing episodes so you can figure out how to use something like a denim jacket in a lot of different outfits.
  12. i have some trouble for tomorrow.
    i've a degree and my outifit is composed to: black skinny jeans, a blouse in nude and Lv amarante pump..i'm on dilemma about the bag, i need a big bag for carry all my stuff, what do you think is more appropriate about the color?
  13. I agree that blogs and pintrest can be a great source of inspiration. I like to take an article of clothing I already own, google it, and look for bloggers who own the same thing to see how they style it.
  14. I am looking at pin interest everyday now. Great styles.