Outfit help - skinny jeans, brown tall boots, and...??

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  1. I'm going to an all-day (into the evening), outdoor festival next week. The temp is supposed to be (high) 81, (low) 56 *gotta love Texas!*

    Anyway, I plan to wear dark skinny CoH jeans, knee-high brown leather flat boots, LV Musette Salsa (long strap, worn across my chest). Not sure what to wear on top. I'd normally wear a turtleneck, but it's going to be pretty warm during the day. Still...it's Nov. so I feel like I can get away w/ the boots/jeans combo (or can I?).

    Any thoughts on how to complete my look?

    THANK YOU!!!
  2. Wear a top under the turtleneck so if its hot you can remove a layer and take a shawl for the evening if it gets chilly :smile:
  3. Any other ideas?? I am totally clueless! Thanks!
  4. Yeah, it's definitely fall (almost winter!) so you can absolutely rock the jeans and boots! I think hautecouture is right, layering is key (especially since you're going to be outside) so maybe a tank top under a blousy top with a pashmina if/when it gets cold?
  5. I definitely think you can get away with the boots/skinny jeans combo... it's Nov. after all, not July! :p Hmmm, I think layering is the way to go... I'd probably wear a tunicy top with a tank underneath, or something along those lines to balance out the skinny bottom half. :smile:

    It's funny, because I recently wore skinny dark COH jeans, knee high brown boots, and layered on top (but it was more like 60 outside). :smile: I actually posted a pic in the your outfit for today thread, and if you're curious, here it is. :heart: Have fun at the festival!! :tup:

    Edited to add: The other thing I'd do is a simple top (something longer maybe to keep the proportions interesting) under a little jacket... you can wear just the top when it's hot, and add the jacket when it gets cooler. :smile:
    Out with brown exp flap front view.jpg
  6. How about a simple tank top under a thigh length cardigan such as this? You could even belt your cardigan with a belt to match your boots or something :smile:

  7. I think a tunic or tent shape sleeveless top would look cute with the skinny jeans, and a cropped lightweight cardigan type sweater on top.
  8. I was about to suggest a tank top under a long cardigan but Brasilian_babe beat me to it. Great minds think alike!!
  9. I would wear a cute quarter sleeve white top with a hoodie.