Outfit for tomorrow - need your comments

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  1. After watching several "design" type movies, I am now wondering if I dress as if I am trying too hard. One movie the diva walks by another woman and calls her outfit a costume, in another movie the fashion diva walks by and comments about another woman's outfit as she's trying too hard.

    Now I am paranoid about my own style.

    Going shopping tomorrow and then to lunch. Planning on wearing

    Black skirt, white shell, red cardigan, red patent RM Nikki and my black suede flats.

    Red watch band or black?

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  2. I say black watch band!
  3. You don't think that's too much red? What if I change out the cardigan to black or change out the handbag?
  4. I so agree! One pop of red is really all you need.
  5. i vote black cardigan and red watch band and red purse.

    although i just realized you have a bit of red in your shoes too, so maybe you don't need the red watch band? that might be your call once you put it all together.
  6. I'd change either the cardigan or the purse color; since they're both red, the effect can be overwhelming. If you change the cardigan color to black, it might be cute to do a red watch band and red purse. Those choices of red are more subtle.

    Everyone quotes Chanel but really her mantra of simplicity really is the key to style. Look put together, but not overdone and overdressed.
  7. I think red cardigan and red bag - is too much together. The rest sounds lovely though.
  8. I agree, too much red and black going on. You can change your handbag to something neutral, like some camel-colored bag. You can also add a skinny belt to that cardigan, also in the camel/brown family.
  9. Black skirt, black cardigan, white shell, red handbag with red watch band.

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  11. Wow roussel, love:heart: those outfits! :girlsigh:Now if I were only 20 years younger and 50 lbs lighter.

    Does Lucky have wardrobe suggestions every month? Looks like a great mag.
  12. Not every month, I think twice a year. Love those articles, right? Just a few pieces and you can have a total look each day of the month. What are you talking about age? Me, not young myself.
  13. You have enough red on top. With the red cardigan and bag that you'll be carrying, you should wear the black band watch to break it up a bit.
  14. [​IMG]

    OOoohh that's me that's me!!!
  15. I would go for black too. Enough is enoug