Outfit color that goes with chocolate chloe?

  1. I just scored my very first Chloe bag! Medium chocolate Betty! I am beyond excited!!!

    I never own a brown bag before coz i always think that it's difficult to match my clothes. I only own two beige/cream suits that i think will go with my new bag nicely.

    What other colors will go with the bag? Also, is it okay to wear black shoes with those? Thanks!!
    red shoes?
  2. The whole having-to-match-the-shoes-with-purse rule is so over! I wear my bag with whatever shoes I like. I find that my chocolate paddington looks good with creams, whites, burgandy/red, teals, yellows, blues....oh wait, it looks good with almost every color! :lol:

    The only color I don't wear my chocolate paddington a lot with is black. That is mostly because I want my purse to "pop" next to my outfit and I don't feel that chocolate "pops' next to black. Just my opinion though. :flowers:
  3. oh please show us pictures of you wearing your Betty!
  4. it's a beautiful neutral brown that will go with almost everything! experiment and enjoy!
  5. thanks everyone!
    I'll post pic once my baby arrives! :smile:
  6. I love powder blue and duck egg blue with chocolate, it looks gorgeous :smile:
  7. I can't really think of a color that would NOT look good with chocolate! Pinks, blues, greens, reds, grey, anything really, even black! You cannot go wrong- just use that bad boy and enjoy every minute! You will look fabulous no matter what!
  8. I have the large chocolate betty and I plan on wearing it with black heels- hey it has black zippers right? :smile:
  9. Brown is a neutral colour, so is very flexible.

    I love Chocolate leather with black. :heart:

    Like Navy with black, brown with black is a very chic, French combination - so, the perfect setting for a Chloe bag. :biggrin:

    Chocolate also looks particularly good with blue, or green.

    As long as the styles don't clash, I think your black, or red, shoes will be fine to wear with your chocolate bag. Particularly, if you wear them with a similar colour outfit; or one or two other black, or red, items (clothing and/or jewellery and/or scarf [perhaps, tied to the bag's handle?], and/or belt etc.).
  10. YES! Me too!! I find it easier to match my choco bags to clothes than my whiskey/cognac bags. Yellow and pink look great with choco too.
  11. How do you find the medium size?
  12. I called Nordstrom/Saks, all the numbers that were given here on the boards to do a search. It's crucial that you call someone who knows what Chloe Betty is because some stores doesn't sell this.
    I was *very* lucky. I think mine was the last one, but there was a white one left but i can't remember which store.

    Good luck!