Outfit advice needed

  1. :shrugs: I just got these MK boots...what do you suggest I wear with them?? I know there are plenty of choices, but I am stumped! Thanks!

    Also, sorry about the HUGE pic, I dont know how to crop it smaller..
  2. First of all, they're FANTASTIC! Second, yes there are a lot of choices!
    Some simple things I'd suggest are:

    - Basic black pants, white button down shirt, a belt in a similar brown tone (maybe something in distressed leather or tooled leather), and possibly a big necklace (dark tones like copper or bronze)

    - Denim skirt, black turtleneck, big sunglasses, maybe a dramatic ring too

    Hope this helps!
  3. Awesome!! Thank you so much mr. couturier!!!
  4. BeBeStyle, I have those exact boots. I love them because they go with so much! I wear them with jeans (both over and under depending on the jeans) and blue, green, white, brown, or tan tops.
  5. Cool..Thanks slc
  6. wow!they're very very cute!!!
    i agree with mr.couturier....tehy are so versatile!:p