Outdoor Tote - Up close and personal! *pics*

  1. Roey posted pics of her brown outdoor tote and somebody inquired as to what the inside of the bag was like. I have the same one in red but am trying to decide between this one and the "hobo" or football-shaped one shown in the last pic. Anyways, I got out my camera and am posting pics of the outside and inside for reference.

    Bag measures:
    11 1/2" across.
    7" tall
    5" wide
    8 1/2 " drop

    Also, bag measure 2 pounds. Notice "chunkiness" of handle.
    CIMG0885s.jpg CIMG0882s.jpg CIMG0881s.jpg CIMG0884s.jpg CIMG0883s.jpg RedTote2.jpg RedFBs.jpg
  2. Oooh, I love them both but if you can only have one, I pick the tote. Absolutely love the color ... I've been looking for a red bag and this one is very beautiful. Congrats on your new Chanels!
  3. I absolutely love this color! (And I like the tote style more.)
  4. Thanks for taking the inside pics! I adore the tote in red and brown. I am going to keep mine only because the weight doesn't bother me but I can definitely see where it would bother others.

    The hobo is really cute!
  5. Love the color...I am partial to the tote... :love:
  6. Very, very nice and vibrant color--CONGRATS:love: :love: !!! Is this the same size as the DS small tote? Thanks!

  7. I ADORE this tote!
    Would you mind posting these in the Reference Forum as well?:tender:
  8. that color is eye catching and very stunning! btw what is this color called?

    Hmm yes those totes are pretty heavy!
  9. It's a little bit larger, but I haven't had an opportunity to compare the two side by side.
  10. Roey, would you be so kind as to do a side by side pleasepicture:girlsigh::tender:? I think you also have the DS small tote (I'm trying to keep up with who bought what and which thread they're in:nuts: ). I just saw and tried on the black DS small tote and I loved it but I wanted to compare it to the large but the SA told me that it only came in one size:confused1: :shrugs: and that they only had 3 black ones left (sold out on the white and red small totes--Ala Moana Chanel in Honolulu). Thanks!

  11. Hi Amy. I don't have the small DS tote, only have the Outdoor. I have pulled up my photos to compare with other members' DS photos (small size) and don't notice a difference. Pictures won't capture the size difference but if someone with the small DS would post measurements we can compare them with Maxter's and guage.

    The s/a was wrong; the DS does come in a larger size but not all the boutiques/department stores ordered it. My feeling is your s/a told you that to get you to buy the bag because she knew their store didn't order the larger size.
  12. Love the tote and the color. You got to go with the tote!
  13. Thanks for the interior pics, Maxter! I really wanted to see inside! :flowers: I like the extra pockets - the Outdoor flap just has the inner back zip.

    I'm partial to the Tote over the hobo - hope you keep yours, it's lovely!
  14. Thanks, Roey! I was looking at jbelle's thread http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/my-new-baby-diamond-stitch-bag-43217.html as she also just got the small black DS tote and her guesstimate of the dimensions are the same as Maxter's so I guess they're the same size. Were you able to see and try on the Larger DS tote size?

  15. i love the tote, more room