Outdoor Ligne Hobo. Anyone seen this?

  1. After seeing gucci whore's new outdoor ligne hobo, I too am in search of one. Preferably in black.
  2. small or lrg? My NM in Scottsdale has a small black.
  3. thanks, I'm looking for the large one.
  4. I'll keep my eyes opened.
  5. ^^ thanks I appreciate it
  6. jessdressed if you are still interested in the blk. hobo, I will be returning one tomorrow at the Saks in Atlanta,GA or the one in Santa Barbara,CA. I'm not sure which store yet but it will be a really good deal now, $1207-40%.
  7. I would love to snag that if I could. If you can let me know which store so I can give them a call. Thanks! If you don't mind me asking, how come you are returning it?
  8. jessdressed, the outdoor hobo will be returned to the Atlanta Saks on Tuesday. If I were you, I would call sometime before lunch and tell Priscilla that you want the bag and give her all of the information on the tag of the bag to assure that you get the right one because when I was in there last week and asked about the hobo, she didn't seem to know which one I was talking about. I talked to Cherry earlier today at the SB store and she said someone called & inquired about the bag. Was that you or someone else?
    By the way, the reason I will be is returning the bag is because Cherry told me the
    bag was blue but it was actually black and I didn't need another black Chanel. Good luck!!!!:smile:

    Info. on tag:
    06A A33043Y04271
    Messenger Bag
  9. yup, that was me that spoke to Cherry inquiring on the bag. She didn't seem like she wanted to help all that much. I will definately call Priscilla prior so she can get that set aside for me. Just to confirm, this is the large size correct? Thanks so much
  10. Maybe I'll call Priscilla before Tuesday just to give her a heads up that I WANT this bag
  11. Someone post a picture for me please!!! :drool:
  12. It is the large size. It would be a good idea to call her ahead of time and she is always more than happy to hold a bag if you need her to, just make sure she knows the exact bag that you want. I hope you get it!!!
  13. thanks for your help I'll give her call
  14. preciousp i pm'd ya
  15. I posted pics of my bag in the reference section.