Outdoor Hobo - Up close and personal! *pics*

  1. Here's the Outdoor "hobo" inside and out. I think it is called Besace on the box. As you can see it is quite different when the stuffing is out of it. It is also very light. I took some good close-ups that can be used for reference.

    Measures about 15" across.

    I've been carrying this one and the Outdoor Tote around all day in the house (how weird am I?). And after using them "fully-loaded" I have to say that I am leaning towards the hobo. I just love the "CC" charm on the zipper. The weight of the tote is what I am afraid of. Maybe I can get a tote which is lighter in the future.
    CIMG0901s.jpg CIMG0906s.jpg CIMG0909s.jpg CIMG0910s.jpg CIMG0905s.jpg RedFBs.jpg CIMG0904s.jpg
  2. Sounds like congrats are in order then!
  3. If you are concerned about the weight of the tote then the hobo is the way to go! I'd love to see photos of you modeling it filled with your belongings to get an idea of the slouch factor.

    Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle has this hobo in brown if anyone is interested.
  4. Awesome bag!:yes Hey, would you consider posting the photos of the tote and this one w/ their info in the Reference Center?
    I'd love to get a little of everything in those threads!
  5. Hi maxter that's a gorgeous bag BTW. How does it feel when it's on your shoulder, or does it even fit on your shoulder? the strap looks really short, is it comfy? It looks so much better with the stuffing out. Thanks for the pix!
  6. CLK55girl, It fits nice and comfy on my shoulder and I'm not petite - size 10. I think you really have to see this bag in person to appreciate it. It is pretty big (15" across) so even if you slouch it down - it still looks about 12" across. I like how it looks like not too classic chanel. I don't know if you know my quandry but I am trying to decide on outdoor tote and this one. That tote is pretty but too darn heavy. I think I will get a different tote when spring lines come out.

    I will have to figure out how to snap a pic without getting mirror flash. Maybe I can have my 9 year old son model it - LOL - he loved the purple python flap BTW! I have to add that he is definitely a boy's boy and isn't into handbags at all but just loved the skin and color of the python!
  7. Thanks Maxter! I'm assuming this is the large size then? It's gorgeous. This is definitely on my list for red, but I'm waiting for the modern chain to see what they look like:flowers:
  8. So important to do the 'at home catwalk test' ie prancing around indoors to see what it's like to carry them! They must pass! I like this shape but I prefer it in the brown colour. Red to me looks better in the Tote.