Outdoor Hobo Strap - Does it slide off shoulder easily?

  1. So, I received my small outdoor hobo today and it's just too small for my needs. I noticed the strap easily slides off my shoulder too even when carrying it as suggested (slung toward the back). I know people have said the small doesn't ride on the shoulder as easily, so perhaps it's just the size issue. However, I want to confirm before I go for the large instead that the large one doesn't slide down easily too. This one reminded me of the same thing that happened with my Gucci Horsebit Hobo (similar shaped strap). I sold that one because it was such a pain always sliding off. Will this happen with the large outdoor hobo too? Help. Thanks a ton!!!
  2. My large outdoor hobo stays firmly wherever I put it on my shoulder. I can't imagine it slipping off it's so wide. Try to try one on though, because it is quite wide and bulkier under the shoulder than you'd think. If you don't mind slinging it back it's incredibly comfortable and stable.