Outdoor flap anywhere?

  1. I saw a gray/black Outdoor Flap a couple of weeks ago but it sold by the time I made up my mind, have you seen one in the stores???? It looked so like me... wrinkly and distressed but still outstandingly pretty.... :girlsigh::hrmm::roflmfao:
  2. I saw a black and a rust color at Newport Beach NM. Call Coleen in Designer
    handbags at 949-759-1900 and tell her
    lani sent you.
  3. Neiman Marcus at King of Prussia has it.
    I saw it there a few days ago.
  4. Thank you!!!! I like the classic lines with the rough look of the distressed leather... looks TDF with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket.
  5. I saw this bag at Sak's last week...Call my Fav SA -Joseph @ 917-776-9353. They also had the outdoor "Doctors bag" Thats the one that I want!...Good luck