Outdoor cocktail chic? help!

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  1. This friday I am going to a "Party on the Pier" with an "outdoor cocktail chic" dress code. It is from 7pm - 11pm on the river, and the temperature will likely be in the lower 60s (its outside). The general example for men was given as the picture shown below. What is the girlie complement to that outfit? OBVIOUSLY, its something that I need to whip together in two days.


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  2. do u have a cocktail dress that you could add a wrap to? then id wear tights & heels
  3. ^^^omg. lastpurse - I just sent that picture to my dbf for his opinion before I even saw that you posted it. love it. i think I could wear some jewelry and snazz it up a bit...Im going to call our local jcrews and see if they have it.
  4. I have that dress it is really cute. On the shorter side of J Crew. Hits slightly below midthigh. However, I would take the opportunity to wear something more fun.

  5. Great minds think alike. lol :biggrin: Yeah, I definitely agree it needs some jewelry. Have fun!
  6. Id go more cocktail (dressy) - it be easier because I have a bunch of those.With guys wearing sweaters and tweed blazers and khaki pants, I dont know if it would be appropriate to be satiny and sequiny. im trying to reach someone at jcrew for the dress.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! keep em coming!
  7. BAH! NONE of my Jcrews have the dress. PANIC.
  8. I don't think it is inappropriate to wear something satiny or sequiny. Just dress it down a la J Crew styling with a plain cardian and thick tights.
  9. leather or suede leggings with sequiny top and lots of necklaces combined. shoes must be sexy and high to elongate the legs. a little cashmere shrug would finish the look.