Outdoor CC Messenger?

  1. Hi All -

    I am getting a new bag but can't decide what to select. I sort of want something that is every day. I saw the Outdoor CC Messenger (called messenger but really a hobo) in blue. Does anyone have this bag? Has anyone seen it?

    If so, what do you think?

    It is a quilted hobo in a denim-ish color.

  2. i have it in brown, and recently posted a thread "huge rave for my brown outdoor hobo" after surviving a huge winter storm with my dearest hobo. i absolutely love it, love the size, love the way it sits on the shoulder and love the look and the leather.
  3. Thanks!! ^^ I read your thread and now love that bag even more!
  4. Is this it? I have this bag and love it to death. Really takes a beating and fits a ton. I also love the way it doesn't scream CHANEL. Here's another pic so you can see how large it is. It is pictured next to the LARGE MC tote.

  5. Yes... that is it! I love it! I, too, don't like bags that scream a brand! Thank you for posting! This is awesome! I will be getting this baby today!
  6. It also comes in red in a smaller size. I really liked the red but I already have a red epi speedy. Here's the red. It does have a cute CC zipper pull.