out with the old in with the new

  1. If the old one was mine since birth it would have never looked this bad......oh well, finally broke down and bought a new one, what a difference! This was never a bag on my list to buy, I loved having the old one though hate using it because it looks horrible...... I haven't bought a mono bag in a while I guess I go through phases because I just love it right now! My speedy 35 with a little new cles friend too.....
  2. Oh, so pretty!! Love it with the pomme, too.
  3. wow! what a difference:nuts: and the pomme cles looks great with th emon, congrats!:heart:
  4. thanks for posting comparison pics lola, i was dying to see.
    poor old bag--lived a good life and hopefully made the women that carried it happy....the new speedy is gorgeous, as is your cles! Enjoy!
  5. Wow...looks great! Congrats!
  6. wow such a diffeence
    why didn't u just change the vachetta?
  7. You can always have the vachetta replaced on the old one & give it as a gift to someone you love. One of our TPFers had it done & the bag looked like new, even the piping!! I think it was only $250 or right around that price, the bag looked brand new.
  8. I love it, and whoever you gift your old one to is very lucky!
  9. thanks everyone

    Yeah, the old one is probably about 30 years old. It was given to me in bad shape about 10 years ago, I did A LOT to revive to even look like it does now but it needs a complete overhaul/zipper, handles, tabs, everything, even after that it has ink stains in the canvas from the inside out if you could believe it! Since I have so many other bags I love that look better I found myself not using it much anymore but I loved the size and use.....the only option was to buy new.
  10. great comparison pics. congrats on your new speedy! and cles too!
  11. Even after changing the vachetta and zipper (the material around it is deteriorating) it will never be the same as new. I'm passing it on the the best friend of a the friend whos mother gave it to me, so my friends mother gave it to me, our other friend who is her best friend is the one getting it......it's still in the family and she'll use it for kind of a go between her and her boyfriends house/gym type bag or something.......
  12. Well the old one was loved like crazy :love: just shows what a great bag it is.
    :yahoo: congratulations on the new baby, it looks so pretty with the cles.
  13. oh that is so nice...
    i tought u where just gonna kill it :s :s LOL
    I love you new speedy... congrats :nuts:
  14. Congrats on your replacement. :smile:
  15. amazing the difference, but i'm sure you're going to love your new one and its going to get used just the same.