**Out with the Old & In with the New....Help Me Decide Please!***

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  1. First, let me start off by saying that I am
    not selling or trading anything. I need advice on which bag to take out of my collection to justify my next purchase. I have plan for whichever one I decide to part with but I just can't make the decision. I will say that I plan on adding the Mono Artsy to replace one of these. So please 🙏 fellow TPF members, vote on one bag and briefly state why. TIA ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392492567.478146.jpg
  2. Sorry. What is the name of the middle bag? I think if you're getting the Artsy than I would use this one to fund the Artsy since it's kind of similar concept? Plus, unless the clasp is unattached it seems like this bag would be more difficult to get into, but I guess it gives some added security. Second choice would be the NF, but only if you have another NF and wouldn't miss this one. Hope that helps:smile:?
  3. Middle one is called XL Monogram Exotique with Alligator. And the Ikat NF is the only NF I own. Thanks for your help😊
  4. Palermo. I would not sell the LE's unless you've fallen out of love with them. They will be harder and more expensive to replace if you have a change of heart.
  5. I would not sell any...those are all gorgeous bags! I would keep all and save a bit longer for the Artsy! JMHO!
  6. Do you use the NF year round, or just in spring/ summer? I would not sell the XL (GORGEOUS!!) or the Palermo (great daily bag). Hard choice ~ if you use the NF a lot, I would probably wait and save more for Artsy.
  7. +1
  8. +2
  9. I'd sell the palermo. The other two are too gorgeous to sell ..
  10. Oh, sorry. I didn't enlarge picture, so didn't notice it wasn't vachetta. Thought it was a different color, but didn't think about it. But, now I know and I still think unless you use it periodically at the least, I'd see what I could get. I personally like the Palermo. I don't have one, but have looked and tried it on a couple of times. Your getting a beautiful tan on her and I think she looks amazing. Just my opinion though. So for me it comes down to how attached you are to any of them. Or like someone else mentioned, don't sell any and continue to save for Atsy. Good luck with your decision.
  11. The Palermo for sure. I have the ikat nf also and I just love that bag. If you sell it you will not be able to get another with out paying more the 2nd time around.
  12. +1
    But if I were you I would keep all three, I like them better than the Artsy.
  13. Palermo for the reasons already stated.
  14. If you must sell, sell the Palermo. The LE's are gorgeous.
  15. None! They're all too beautiful. I too would save for a while longer and add it to the collection without selling anything, but I'm awful and enable everyone haha