Out on the Town (the TOWN Club)!!


Jan 7, 2014
Undo the button hole on your strap and thread the end of the strap through the side of the weight distributor that doesn't already have the strap going through it (the side that sits on your shoulder). Keep pulling until the little button that you do the button hole up on is sitting in the part where your shoulder would normally be, facing upward. So you've now threaded your strap end through both slots on that side. Pull the end of the strap over end of the weight distributor and do it up on the little button, then slide one of the little pieces of leather that holds the strap tidy over top to secure it. Does that make sense?

omg, you are awesome! crystal clear. thanks so much for taking the time to explain :smile:


Apr 5, 2016
I just received my very first Balenciaga bag and am so excited to be part of the Out on the Town club! Here is my black mgrgh town:


I loved the way it looked on everyone else but the long strap bugged me since I am petite/5'1". I spent two days trolling the web and the forum for ways to fix it to my liking without having to take it to a cobbler or have to do cut-and-sew surgery (that gives me anxiety! hah :P). Tried knotting it but felt it looked messy and was still too long; tried looping one end to the other end but did not like the clips being on the same side... also couldn't wear it cross body that way.

Finally, saw Jumper's pics of how to do it and modified it to where I could still keep the two clips in on each side, still be able to adjust it, and wear it both cross body, slung over the shoulder, or just on the crook of my arm without the strap hanging too low. Without keeping the clip, the strap felt too short to be worn cross body on my long torso:



So happy I did not have to regret my purchase! Thanks Jumper! Already on the lookout for my next COLORED town :biggrin:
I wish they hadn't discontinued the rgh TT