out of your range

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  1. Has anyone brought somethng they knew was not in their price range ?
  2. No. As much as I love these bags, I never purchase anything that I can't afford to pay off the minute I recieve the bill. Debt for fashion just isn't worth it for me personally.
  3. I totally completely agree!
  4. I would say that my "cost tolerance" has been slowly increasing over the years. However, I would never buy something that was outside my over all budget.
  5. Same here. I would just feel too guilty afterwards.
  6. depends on what you mean by "out of your range". Personally what i could potentially 'afford' and what are 'out of my range' differ b/c i could wipe out my whole paycheck to buy a bag, or several bags (without goingindebt ;)) but would i want to?

    My 'range' keeps changing w/ the price increases, like Classic said, my tolerance level has gone up. But at this point anything nearing $4,000 for a leather bag is getting out of hand for me personally. I know many people just buy less w/ the increases, but once the bags hit a certain price pt I will be priced out of Chanel as I can't bring myself to pay that much for a handbag - this will probably change too :P.
  7. hey thanks for the input I dont mean going broke for a bag.Just a little over what you would normaly think was nothing
  8. No, but lately I've been interested in Hermes bags and that definitely won't sit well with my budget :sweatdrop:
  9. yes.
  10. my honest answer is YES.

    afterwards i beg my mom send me some money to help. :shame:
    i should try harder to keep it in my range.:yes:
  11. no . i refuse to use credit cards
    my sister yells at me though
    because i forget to transfer my money from savings to checkings sometimes
  12. Honestly, I was getting there. And then, thankfully, I reined myself in. The prices are out of my range now, I have to be honest with myself so I have to put my self in the 'look but don't buy' mode. I have to be thankful because I already have many beautiful bags.
  13. No, not yet... emphasis on the YET. ;)

    Although I would never buy anything I knew I just could not afford. It's not like I'm going to Hermes and snapping up Birkins on credit. LOL
  14. yes. I have 2 metallic reissues in the 228 size. At $3450, they were a budgeted splurge. I've gone back to purses less than $1,500 (Dior, Tod's, Bally for example) and will focus more on vintage bags to satisfy my Chanel lust.
  15. I definately agree!!:tup: