out of these 3, which is your fave b-bag style?


what's your favorite b-bag style?

  1. first

  2. city

  3. work

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. inquiring minds wanna know :girlsigh:
  2. Work baby! :jammin:
  3. sweetie, i just don't have a work yet so for now i'll have to say a city. it holds just enough for me and my essentials :love:
  4. City is the perfect size for me, and I love the style.
  5. I can't decide btwn the work and city! I love the look of the city but I think the work looks better on me! How about you aaa? What style is your favorite?:smile:
  6. For me, WORk !:yahoo:
  7. hmmmmmmmmmm, i can't decide which is my favorite & needed a little help ;)...i'm really torn between all 3, but for different uses...my work is the only bag i like to take to "work" now :P...and i adore the look of the firsts & think they're good for carrying on little errands or on nights out...the city is probably the perfect "all-around" size & i've only got 1 of those :tender:
  8. Not really any of the above - I prefer the Day. :shame: And the Weekender. Of the three, I guess the City?
  9. The city is my fave out of the 3. My fave outright is probably either the city or the day.
  10. Not listed, but I have to put a vote in for ma Twiggy!

    : )

    I wish you well,

  11. ^ agree with bridget!
    but out of these 3, i like the first. so cute!
  12. City
  13. I prefer the twiggy, but if I had to choose...city.
  14. I like the first. The city is just too big for me.
  15. I like the First but I need a City for work.