Out of the loop....(Muse)

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I fell hard for a medium Muse that I saw today at Neiman Marcus. It's a fall Muse in a greyish/taupe color. However, when I looked at the price tag, I felt a bit of sticker shock -- I thought that medium Muses were roughly $1395, but this Muse was $1795! It was a pebbled leather...does anyone know what kind of leather it might be? It must not be the buffalo leather for such a huge price difference. I really love the color, but don't necessarily want to pay for it at that particular price point.

    I've been SO out of the loop on YSL, and I would appreciate any insight.

  2. Hi SuLi, long time no see. Hope your wedding planning is going well.

    Is this your bag? Pics from Saks. This pebbled leather is something new for fall. YSL is offering it on several different bags, but we're all just beginning to learn about it as the new line trickles out. I keep saying it reminds me a little bit of Chanel caviar leather.

    And yes, prices do seem to be going up. YSL has been pretty good about price increases compared to other designers (until now).



    Some other pics of the pebbled leather...



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  3. That's definitely due to the leather. A regular buffalo Muse in the medium size right now is going for $1295 and I think a patent would only be $1195. It's possible that the one you saw was a large, though, which could account for a small portion of the price. I was just at NM and saw one that was like an oatmeal color, although maybe a little cooler in tone, in the pebbled patent but I'm not sure if that's the one you liked. Based on the info Cosmopolitan posted, Saks is apparently calling it Grain de Riz pebbled patent, but I don't know enough about the leather to know why it warrants the higher price.
  4. It's a higher price because the pebbled patent leather goes through many extra steps in preparation for handbag creation that patent and buffalo do not. It is a very laborious process and the 400 price difference warrants that. YSL has been and is still very good about their prices
  5. Hey Cosmo! Yes! That's the Muse! It's really gorgeous IRL, but I just can't justify it right now with the wedding being around the corner.

    I wonder if YSL will release the color in the "regular" leather, or if it's just special to this particular leather grain. I would love a Tribute in this color!
  6. You're right cosmopolitan, it does remind me of Chanel's caviar leather!
  7. That leather looks like it would wear really well, no scratches.