"out of style" LVs: selling them to a second hand store

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to the LV forum but I have been an LV lover for many many years. I was curious to know what you guys do with your LVs that have become "out of style". Do you guys keep them in the back of the closet? Do you guys sell them to second hand stores? (I think it is more common in Hong Kong, where you buy the "in" bag, wear it a few times, then sell it to second hand stores such as "Milan Station") Or do you guys still carry them even if they are not "in" at the moment"?

    I am talking about the smaller LV bags, such as the Popincourt, or even the makeup pouch that people used to carry around as small clutches.

    I would love to hear what you do with them! Because I am debating on selling a few of mine that I don't think I'll ever use again. But then again, I could always leave them to my future daughter! Do you know if LV will retain its value like Hermes bags? No huh?
  2. I still wear them to me they are considered classics.
  3. I dont think LV's style actually goes out of style..am I making sense? lol
  4. LV never goes out of style. That is one great thing about LV. They are classics. I use all my bags. I rotate my bags daily so they get equal love.
  5. I like the "old style" better sometimes, so definitely keep it unless you don't plan to use it at all, then no reason for keeping it.
  6. I've sold my older styles......only held onto my speedy bags. I sold them on eBay.
  7. I think Louis Vuitton handbags are absolutely timeless.
  8. Totally agree with all the others, LV is classic and timeless. I've only sold the things that i dont use anymore.
  9. most lv bags are timeless classics, the speedy... the papillon... i guess the TPFers on the LV board are much more appreciative of LV designs and are aware that LV isnt an it bag.....

  10. I sell on ebay when I absolutely for sure that I do not want the bag an longer. It doesn't happen that frequently with my LV's. I tend to hang on to them because they are so classic. Plus I'm not all into the trendy bags, I like what I like.
  11. I don't believe LV makes bags that go out of style. If you have fallen out of love with them, then you should certainly sell them if you are positive you will not regret it.
  12. I don't think LVs will ever go out of style. I have sold a couple of my LVs on eBay and thru the Marketplace at my place of work, but that was only because I found the bag was too small (Damier Papillon 26), and I plan on replacing it with a larger bag (Damier Papillon 30), and my Monogram Speedy 30, because I replaced it with a Damier Speedy 25 & 30. If there is any designer brand that goes out of style - it's not LV. :nogood: HTH!
  13. Ive sold all my mono bags due to the dark and dirty patina:yucky:. Since then Ive switched to damier. Ive sold to Milan station twice when I was in hongkong but most of the bags Ive sold to friends. You might be able to sell them at fair prices but that also depends on the condition of your bags.
  14. Uh... I guess I don't consider my makeup pouch "out of style" (the poche toilette 26?). I haven't carried it as a clutch yet but I'm only 29 and don't understand how it would be out of style?

    I think most LV is classic and even the vintage, old-fashioned ones look "vintage cool"....
  15. One word "timeless"