Out of Stock!

  1. I just got the new catalog and saw the bumblebee lunch tote. It is soooo adorable! So, I go to the website ready to order it, only to find that its OUT OF STOCK! I'm so depressed :crybaby:

    How long does it usually take for out of stock things to be back in stock?
  2. I am loving these bags as well, they are so cute. I think this is a newer line that they just haven't gotten the stock in yet maybe???
  3. I think a few days.
  4. I just called customer service and they said, for that bag, about two weeks. :sad::push: I think I'm going to go ahead and order it on backorder, so that way as soon as they get them in I'll get one.
  5. That might be a good idea. I have a feeling they are going to sell out since they are a decent price.
  6. Ugh, when I just tried to order it it says that the earliest ship date would be May 24th :push:
  7. I'm glad you're still able to order it though - even though it's on backorder. Let us know when you get it! :yes:
  8. I just went ahead and ordered it, hopefully I'll have it in a little over a month!
  9. I got an email about these totes on Apr. 1. With the later shipping date, I think it's an April Fools Joke.

    I may order now anyway.
  10. April Fools Joke? Huh?
  11. Elli - I love your signature and avatar! How clever and cute! :yes:
  12. well pls post pix when you get it, i've been talkin about those a lil bit and am curious to see what they look like in a photo !
  13. Thanks! :biggrin:
  14. I will :biggrin: Oh, I have the DB Lunch Tote already, though, the IT style one? Want me to take pics of that now?
  15. yes, pics please!