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  1. Can anyone please tell me if an item is out of stock online, will it be available again eventually? Unfortunately, I am not anywhere near a LV store, so I always have to order my items online. I want the Sarah wallet in black multicolor with the hot pink lining but it's sold out online. Any info is greatly appreciated!
  2. Yes they will be. Just be patient and keep checking the website, sometimes, the products will just out of a sudden become available for order.
  3. Oh no - I hope this isn't the beginning of another shortage like this time last year.
  4. yes , keep checking the website , sometimes it will come back in stock in a few hours or check first thing in the morning. Happens to me all the time .
  5. Thank you!!!
  6. Sac Plat's been out of stock for weeks, ugh
  7. I waited almost 4 months to find my Pomme D'Amour cosmetic bag on line. I had pretty much given up. It wasn't available in the shoppes either. Then "viola" there it was! I found it online at like 3:00 am mountain time. I had checked earlier that night and it was out of stock. No real answer for you. But don't give up! I was determined to get it!!! Persistence pays off!!!
    Hope you don't have to wait too long!! Good luck!!
  8. There's no other way to order it?
    Anyone tried ordering by phone?
  9. It's so frustrating when you want something and can't get it! I was in the LV store yesterday and they hardly had anything in stock...booo
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    I tried ordering a neverfull mm over the phone on Friday and was told it was out of stock (also listed as out of stock online). The SA took my name and # and said she'd call me when it came back in stock. I asked how long she thought it may be, she said it shouldn't be more than a few days. Waiting....waiting...
  11. There are rumors going on that there will be a shortage just like last year.. :pout:
  12. I live 3 hours away from an LV and everything online seems like there out of stock :wtf:. I want my zippy wallet!!
  13. There is another shortage going on...pre-price increase the reason being I assume. Just like last year. Im trying to buy another Artsy, but none in stock anywhere. Im waitlisted like 10th in line :sad: