Out of Stock for PCE?

  1. Hi,

    This is long... sorry, but there are cliff notes at the bottom.
    I was lucky enough to have a SA give me the discount without a PCE card on 12/1. I was curious if anyone else has encountered the following situation:

    On 12/1, I asked my SA for a particular bag (11289 brown/mahogany) and she told me it was in stock. When I went to the register, the guy at the register told me it wasn't in stock and it was sold out EVERYWHERE. He also informed me that they if they make any more of this particular style, it would be for the new season and altered slightly (I'm new to this, my gf just told me she liked coach). So, I switched to the leather 11289.

    I checked coach.com yesterday (12/3) and clicked the in store pickup and it appeared that 11289 brown/mahogany was available. So, I decided to call the store and spoke with "Vincent" who informed me that the style and color I originally was looking for was in stock (11289 - brown/mahogany). I did not tell him I received the PCE discount.

    I returned to the store and informed a new SA of my phone call. She said they didn't have it, but they could order it for me (which wasn't possible according to the guy at the register on 12/1). Thankfully, the person that I spoke with ("Vincent") remembered our phone call and checked the back AGAIN for the bag. He found the bag in under a minute and commented on how the inventory system is messed up. It all worked out in the end and everyone was great.

    My questions are this:

    Has something similar ever happened to you?
    Does Coach limit the quantity on specific styles they sell for PCE customers?
    Do they just have poor inventory management?



    CN: Tried to buy particular bag.. Employee at register said it was gone forever... Called same store 2 days later and was told it was in stock... Went to store, said I had to order it, then someone finds it in back.
  2. Yes it happened to me on the 30th - the inventory showed none and they had many in stock. I got the bag on Monday via FedEx but still.

    They don't limit anything, sounds like an uninformed SA who either was too busy to take your phone call and look.

    Poor inventory management and a poor system to boot. I know a lot of times even at other stores, they will go to the back to double check anyway for a style I'm looking for.
  3. I have heard that a lot of stores have inventory systems that dont update until nighttime. So if they got in a shipment at 2 in the afternoon those bags wont come up during an inventory check until the next day. Maybe that was part of the problem, but it also sounds like you might have been speaking with a new holiday SA that didnt know all of his stuff just yet. I have been to the store a lot of times only to find that i know more about the products than the particular SA i am speaking with. it can be akward! Im glad it worked out for you though!
  4. Something similar happened yesterday.
    I went in looking for the Polly Rainboots but
    the store didnt have them so I asked an SA
    to place an order for me but she said that it
    showed JAX didnt have it available. One store
    around my area had it so I called to place it on
    hold but then about 5 minutes later they said
    the system said they had one but the manager
    checked the back and there wasnt any. It's
    still available to order ONLINE which I dont get.
    I guess its "Out of Stock for PCE"? Bummer :tdown: