out of state store order (phone) and no tracking?


Oct 17, 2013
Long story short, I ordered a Dreammonogram Bandeau (New Grey Glitter) over the phone from an out-of-state store since neither my local store nor LV online had it in stock. The store associate emailed me the receipt but didn't send me a tracking #, saying they were not allowed to provide it. I found it pretty strange because when I ordered through a local store in 2015, they actually gave me the tracking number over the phone. I don't know if it's because it was local and they know I've shopped with them several times.

Anyway, I looked up old posts on here and found that signing up with Fedex or UPS actually helped them get a tracking number via email. I already have an account with both of them but still haven't received an email with a tracking #. The ball park figure of ground shipping (3-5 days) just seems so vague and I just can't be home all day and nobody else will be home for the package... any advice?