out of state ordering

  1. This may be an odd question, but I've noticed alot of PF'rs ordering from other states to find the bag they want. Does this eliminate sales tax? If so, is it smart to hunt down your bag out of state? I don't mean to offend anyone/try to weasel out of tax. I'm just curious (maybe you have to pay the tax anyways!).
  2. tax is A LOT, no one would blame anyone for trying to skip it!

    It depends.
    If you order from a Chanel boutique in another state and your state has a boutique then they're legally obligated to charge you your state's tax.
    Likewise w/ NM, Saks, etc. . .
    If you do not have a Chanel boutique, but there's NM w/ Chanel in it, you could order from the boutique in another state and you would not be charge tax.
  3. Can't wait to move to Oregon...no tax. muahaha
  4. I don't pay tax on my Chanels because I order them from Saks. This doesn't only apply for Chanel. If you live in Houston, you can get tax free LV also-Saks Houston doesn't carry LV and Chanel. I think you can get tax free Balenciaga too from the Balenciaga boutique. As there are none in Texas? I've bought my LVs and Chanels tax free via phone order. :smile: Believe me, you SAVE ALOT at the buying rate we're all doing because of this forum! Hehehe.
  5. Wow, thanks for the tip on that! I didn't think about going through Saks. Do you know how to get on a waiting list for a bag from Saks if you don't have one that carries Chanel??
  6. oh wow...do you know of any Saks that carry LV? thanks so much! I'm looking to get one for my mom :smile:
  7. The SAKS in BALA CYNWYD,PA..carries LV..I use Natalie there..shes a doll.1-610-667-1550
  8. Thanks so much Jill! :yes: Now if only my mom would make up her mind...:p