Out of my Ever Lovin' Mind

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  1. I am seriously insane but when she tried it on, I couldn't resist. We had to adjust the strap length and you can see it better in the second picture, in the background.


  2. So you got it for her?
  3. Adorable!! Lucky girl!!!!
  4. I did.
  5. That is so freaking sweet. I don't know why but I am tearing up.
  6. In all fairness, it looks fantastic on her. How could you resist! And she is a beauty.
  7. She is, but she is also a fantastic help in so, so, so many ways. I honestly can't even begin to explain....

  8. I know. Me too. Such a milestone!! :smile:

  9. Awe, thank you! I know it's not the norm and it's nothing I ever thought I'd do, but.... :smile:
  10. Coach is a special thing with you and you wanted to give your daughter something special that you both shared. I totally get it. And totally want to do it for my sweet daughter, but the appreciation is not quite there. But I can't wait!!!
  11. Oh, how sweet! Its absolutely adorable on her. And look at how happy she is. Good Momma!
  12. Awww, how cute she is ! Perfect size for a young girl ! :balloon: What a sweet Mom you are... She looks so happy !
    You look great with that Preston too.
    I like those bags, but have not had a chance to look at them yet.
  13. Congratulations to you both! Love the Preston's and they look great on both of you.
  14. So cute! What a great choice - love that Sea Mist color :smile:
  15. Thanks girls! I broke the news to DH. :biggrin: "Cool. And so it begins." LOL! The yellow is gorgeous, but blue is definitely her color. My girl ordered the bag for Taegan and she ordered the black with white edge paint for me. I really liked the color block, but I had been wanting a black bag so when she looked to see what else it was available in, we saw that one. That bag hadn't been one my radar at all. Does it look goofy on my shoulder?