Out of Luck with an Older Marc Jacobs Handbag

  1. My MJ Liya (2004) has a broken clasp (a hardware is missing). I contacted Marc Jacobs last week, and I finally received this response:

    Dear slickskin,

    Sorry to hear about your handbag.

    Unfortunately, the bag is beyond our 18 month warranty so we cannot
    take it
    in for repair.

    We will check stock but doubt that we have supplies from that long ago.
    Should we come across something, we will follow up and ask for your

    Thanks for your patronage and loyalty.

    Diego: Would you mind checking to see if we have any hardware available
    this 04 handbag?



    I'm screwed. I dropped off the Liya with Nordstrom as a last resort, hoping their repair person will have access to MJ hardware. But I highly doubt it. I have other MJ bags that are older than 18 months. I guess these can't be repaired wither should anything happen.

    Thanks for letting me vent. :crybaby:

  2. I'm so sorry!! That's terrible that they don't have the part that is missing from your bag. I was really hoping they'd be able to do something. I've been checking my car and I haven't seen anything remotely like it... I wonder if you can fix it with a DIY job, like go to a bead store or replace it with something creative? Your bag is so pretty, I bet anything would work. Good luck! Keep me posted.
  3. Thanks, thithi. I did think about finding a bead something remotely like it, as I do enjoy DIY projects. It sure beats looking at a broken clasp!
  4. I once had an issue with my Selma-the little ball on the pulls...anyway~rather than send it off I took to my jewler. FIXED and matches perfect to the other one!! Not sure what your bag looks like or what part you are referring to but just a suggestion to contact your jewler?!?
  5. Great idea! :tup: Thank you.
  6. Oh no! That sucks! I hope they find the stock! I have a feeling they will pull through for you. They have to!