Out of hiding and look what I've done.

  1. Hello everyone, I've been around here for a while, but mostly lurking. Now that I'm out of lurkdom, just want to say that I really enjoy this place and love looking at all the beauties you have. It feels like I know some of you personally. I am a true purse addict. Please let me introduce you to my new babies.

    Aviatrix Medium Boston in Gray Suede and Black Patent
    :heart:[​IMG] [​IMG] :heart:

    and, Large Chain Hobo in Black Python
    :heart:[​IMG] :heart:
  2. WOW, exotic bags that you've! Welcome to our family! You will have lots of fun here :party:
  3. Lurk no more :p Jump right on in!! Welcome and what a great way to introduce yourself. Your bags are beautiful. The python one is a show stopper!!!
  4. Love the Aviatrix I tried it out the other day with the matching waist belt! Love the sophisticated look!
  5. Thank you. I feel so at home here. Just got confirmation that my sale items were delivered today (can't wait to get home). More pictures to come later, but only of boots and shoes.
  6. Boots and shoes are the best! The UK sale starts in 4 weeks im counting down!
  7. nice bags you have there especially the Large Chain Hobo, love it!!!
  8. Richinbags we are pleased to have you!!! Great taste.......
  9. Love the chain hobo in python! :drool:
  10. Love your Large Chain Hobo in Black Python!!!
  11. WOW!!! Happy Holidays to you!
  12. Great bags!
  13. Congrats! Love the large hobo in python!:tup:
  14. Ooh...Python! That's Major! Congrats!!!
  15. LOVE the chain hobo.