Out of hand...

  1. I've been picking up quite a bit of Hermes items recently. Anyone care to guess what I got? Definitely not bags though!!

  2. You little globetrotter! :supacool: Where have you been and shopping? Don't torture us with a striptease. Show NOW! :p
  3. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!:yes:
  4. :popcorn:

    Waiting for a new cleaning person to arrive...she is already 11 minutes late. Not a good sign on the first day, huh? I've got time. Let's see the goods!!!!!
  5. Given the title, and that your recent purchases have been bracelets, I'd say more H bracelets...
  6. Likely. Or a nice belt... I love how an everyday sort of item can be so luxurious when the little "H" is sitting right in front...:graucho:
  7. Must be bracelets? and a pair of shoes?

    Please post pics! I am ready to go to bed!
  8. : )
    dsc00499.jpg dsc00422.jpg
  9. Cufflinks? or a necklace? Will I get one for free from you if I made the right guess?
  10. How I wish I had enough dosh to be able to give you free stuff! :graucho:

    I bought a Bague Cuir Roulis Veau Chamoinix Argente Palladium Ring, cream coloured mocassins, orange flip flops and a gold Ulysse agenda.


    All my Hermes buys have got stories behind them.

    I bought the ring on the day before I left London to go to Barcelona (then back to Singapore), and is a momento that I know I'll remember for a long time now...

    The mocassins were bought at the London sale and was the first buys I got after completing my exams.

    The gold Ulysse agenda (I returned the black one..decided that it was too boring) when leaving from Singapore to Melbourne to visit my best friend living there..

    And the orange flip flops were bought on my last day of my Melbourne holiday. :wlae:
    dsc00501.jpg dsc00502.jpg dsc00717.jpg dsc00718.jpg
  11. P.S. Sorry for my awful toe nails..I'm due for a men's pedi!
  12. Vogue, I love your goodies!!! :drool:
  13. Lovely loot! The mocassins are my faves...But then again I am partial to footwear! ENJOY!!
  14. Whoa! That's quite a haul you have there.

    Very nice. Congratulations.
  15. We're ring twins! Congratulations on the loot!