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  1. hi guys,, need your opinion with this one...:yes:

    would you wear your lv purse with a
    coach shoes or any other designer shoes or does it have to match??????:nuts:

    let me know...

  2. mix and match...today I wore Prada boots with an LV bag and I looked so darn hot...rockin it..not too matchy matchy...mix it up and down..
  3. I don't own any LV shoes so yes, I would wear it with other designer shoes as long as they both don't have the monogram and signature all over them.
  4. yeah!! I don't like to be too matchy-matchy...with colours, clothes, and accessories!
  5. Mixing up your style is always hot!!! Just as long as you match!!! ;)
  6. Yes! I personally hate matchy-matchy.

    In fact, I use my zip-around Coach wallet with all of my LV bags. There was no way I was going to spend almost as much for an LV zippy wallet as I paid for my Speedy!
  7. I don't really match my shoes with my bag in terms of brands, only matching the color scheme of the whole outfit.
  8. hahhah.. cool thanks guys..

    the reason why i asked co'z over the weekend i was wearing my mono trouville and i wore it with brown coach sneaker and bf said something like "wtf" you look funny,, you don't even match.. i thought i look fine but it just bothered me how he said i look "funny".. that's all.. :roflmfao:
  9. yep mix it up .. just not a gucci canvas shoe and a monogram canvas bag - i mean like two very 'obvious' brand goods..
  10. Mix & match hun!
  11. as long as not clash or "too much" ..why not.
  12. lol...I did that the other day. I was carrying my MC alma and didn't even realize that i had put on my brown coach sneakers! I went to the salon and my stylist was wondering if I was OK because I don't like to mix logos

    but if the shoes doesn't have the logos splashed all over it then go for it!
  13. I LOVE LV + bagsnbags=Agree!:yes: Mix n match is always fun, and it expands the possibilities! If budget is not an issue, it's nothing wrong w/ matchy-matchy, it's just how u feel more comfortable.
  14. Mix...boring to always match...
  15. I agree. :yes: