Out of curiousity...POLL


For what reason do you change bags?

  1. Occasion

  2. To match an outfit

  3. Dependent on mood

  4. Just because I feel like it

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. With those that own five, ten, or twenty plus LV bags, how often, why, and when do you rotate between bags?
  2. I really would have said all of the above. My mood, my oufit, weather conditions, and where I'm going.
  3. sometimes i'll change due to occasions. but lately i noticed that some of my bags were not getting any attention. so now i make it a point to rotate every week :smile:
  4. Mainly for different occasions, but also because I don't want my bags to patina too quickly :p
  5. I'd have to go with "Just because I feel like it" ... I really don't see a pattern in my choices ... sometimes I change bags 3-4 times a day just for the fun of it, but them I lug around the same bag for 2 weeks as well :shame:

    I guess my decisions are rather spontanous and only influenced a bit by the weather :nuts:
  6. I like to change my bags every week or so. I don't want to neglect any of them:graucho: I'm also swayed by the weather (rain = no vachetta) and whether I am at work or casual.
  7. What Kittie said!:yes:
  8. Usually I change my bag according to my outfit and the weather. :yes:
  9. Changing bags every few weeks or so cuts down on the bag's wear and tear, IMO.....
  10. I rotate my bags every day according to need, occasion and outfit.
  11. Yeah I usally switch bags for and outfit, I hate wearing a beautiful bag with an outfit that does nothing for it.
  12. usually every couple of weeks. no reason at all, just to make sure i get to use everything.
  13. I vote for depend on mood :smile: I can use one bag for 2-3 weeks then change for another but just use it for 1 day then change it again ;)
  14. I rotate every week.
  15. Mine varies...usually I change everyday...but sometimes a bag just calls to me and it gets used for a couple weeks (right now it's my mono speedy!)!
    I usually change to match what I'm wearing!