out of curiousity, does anyone else....

  1. keep the wrappers on the qees of the bags they currently are using? now on my first bag, my l'amore campeggio i took it right off but on my more recent bags, i still have them on. i use and plan on keeping my bags, i'm not even sure why i keep the wrapper on... to preserve it? maybe the chinese or cleanfreak in me? just wondering if it's too weird or if there are more like me out there?
  2. omg lol. that would look weird in my honest opinion... i say take them off. magic erasers work on smudges on qees too!
  3. I was thinking about switching my used qees onto new bags i'm about to use. I'd like to preserve some qees in their plastic just to keep their value. Maybe someday I can sell it... Also since the bags are expensive it kind of soothes me to know one part is perfectly preserved. Haha, am i dorky? Also as a note, I'm a huge packrat!
  4. How about opening just one qee and using that on all of your new bags. I saw some guy with a tutti canguro with the bag still on and it just did not look right.
  5. I agree with kula_bear
    Just looks "off" if you leave the wrapper on... :push:
    I just use one and when I switch bags,
    I remove the Qee by undoing the chain from the big ring that's on the leather thingy on the purse.
    Keep the other Qees intact in the wrapper ;)
  6. yeah, this is what i usually do.. or if i receive a bag and the qee is still in the bag but i want to use the bag i just take the qee off rather than changing it.
  7. i noticed on my first bag (citta scuola) that the qee's hand fell off. i used this bag once or twice when my friend said "hey what happened to the hand?!" so, yeah, i would have to agree that using the same qee-- no matter which bag you're using is sensible to limit the damage to your qee. and, umm yeah, i also vote to take the plastic covering off.
  8. i just use one qee and put the others away, but i couldn't leave the plastic on it would just seem weird.
  9. Plastics are on mine until they fall of. LOL
  10. This! I have some Qees in circulation (some are ones I've bought, not the white ones or Adios) and I take the others off and keep them in their wrappers. :smile:
  11. i think it seems weird to me because i collect toys and i put them out on display, but i know most people keep everything in boxes or plastics, i like to play with my stuff, i'm a giant kid, i think at this point i have more toys than my son. also i have a special shelf with all my qees.
  12. I take mine out of the wrapper... if something falls off it falls off... You can find a lot of the white qees elsewhere since all of the old bags had them. to be honest I think most people started really disliking the white qees since they had too many of them. but that's all a matter of preference. I think it's a little weird to still have the plastic on the qee when you walk around with it since I personally wonder if a person is committed to keeping that bag or if they're planning on returning it after trying it out for a while. Like it doesn't really belong to the person wearing it? you know?
  13. Yeah, I am not a huge fan of the white Qees actually. I am working on getting new Qees to match my bags, but its hard since so many of the Qees are angry looking. :lol:
  14. in class when my twin gets bored she unhooks the qee from her bag... takes out the ink from the pen and sticks it in the holes in the qees hands.... and *poof* toki weapon... lmao. she did that to both of ours... we have like a qee army XD
  15. I take the bag off, I think it looks weird. I keep the qees on my bags, I switch between my bella and zucca during the week, and I find it annoying to have to keep taking the qee on and off.