Out of curiosity.....

  1. How many of you B-bag girls are ironically vegetarians of vegans??

    I ask because my housemate is vegetarian and is disgusted whenever I bring back a new B-bag.
  2. I have been a vegetarian for 22 years (since I was a kid). I was vegan for seven years (during college and law school). I have a hard time reconciling my wearing leather bags with not eating meat and my position on animal righst. The only thing I have begun doing is buying almost only used bags (makes me feel a bit better).
  3. I have a REALLY ignorant question but at least I'll have tried...do they use the skins for leather products from the animals that they are making consumable meat products from? As in, does the whole cow get used, so to speak?
  4. I was thinking of starting a thread about this....good question!

    I've been vegetarian for 18 years, vegan since this summer and,like chigirl, have a really hard job reconciling my love of handbags with my love of animals.
    I'd never, ever wear fur or exotic skin....um, I don't know - for the longest time I used a Fendi baguette that was completely animal friendly, then fell into the Balenciaga thing...
    I try (very hard) not to think about it, because when I do it makes me feel such a hypocrite....:sad:
  5. There is a thread in the Wardrobe about wearing fur and the PETA members have justified why they wear or use leather. They were saying that because we're using the whole animal (I say animal, because it could be cow, lamb, or goat, or deer) they can wear leather. If we stopped killing animals, they would stop using leather though. You should read the link yourself though so you can understand what they were saying from them. I don't want anyone saying I misquoted them.
  6. Lol
  7. Not me, while I dont cook meat at home (too busy) its a treat for me to have a big fat steak out. I'm a meat and potatos girl and I HATE any kind of fish...ick). Props to the Vegans out there, youre stronger than I am.
  8. PETA members are a whole other issue for me that we don't need to get into:lol: ...but that's essentially what I am wondering. Is there direct proof that the same cow that goes to my steak goes to my handbags or are there "beef" cows and "leather" cows? I have always wondered and it really would make me feel better about my bags even though I am 100% carnivorous.
  9. Well I used to be veggie but got out of it. I still don't eat much meat, mostly seafood and I used to subscribe to PETA and was President of Affinity For Animals.

    I'm pretty sure the animals used to make bags are used for consumption but I would think it would be grinded up. Judging by how nice purse leathers look, the animal would have to be quite healthy which also means tougher meat because they had more room to move around and graze.

    As for animals we kill for food, they are rarely used for leather goods since they are treated poorly and often have skin diseases and would not be good to be made into products.
  10. No and I couldn't care less what PETA thinks. :PWhy single out Bbags? Almost all bags have some leather.
  11. Most my leather bags are B-bags. Plus I mostly hang out in this forum.
  12. I'm not a b-bag girl yet.. but I am veg !

    It's tough, being questioned - I'm not sure why I do it either. It's hard to reconcile.. a lot of leather is made from animals already killed for meat though, so at least sure making sure that every bit of that cow was treasured. That's how I usually look at it.
  13. i'm not veggie - but for the past couple of weeks i've been thinking about having certain days that i won't eat meat... hehehe, i'm getting influenced by my friends - their culture is SO amazing!
  14. no i'm not... actually i don't like vegetables.
  15. I only eat fish, no read meat or chicken. I do it mainly for my own health reasons (although the fish these days could kill you ...:sad:)

    I guess since I'm not what you might call an activist, I haven't been conflicted about it. Although, I wouldn't wear fur. Go figure