Out of curiosity...why wouldn't a US seller sell to an Int'l buyer?

  1. Hi,

    As my title stated, why wouldn't a US seller sell to an Int'l buyer...specifically to a Canadian? I've been eyeing a bbag (BIN) on eBay and I've contacted the seller if she'd be willing to sell and ship it to me in Canada but she told me that she will only ship domestically. I understand it's her prerogative and I respect that...but I guess I don't understand the reasoning? :confused1:

    Is it fear of fraud? Isn't Paypal safe (confirmed address)? I'm just curious I guess. :shrugs: All my purchases on eBay has been from the US (except for a bbag I just purchased from Europe).

    BTW This is her second time posting this bbag on eBay. And I have over 20 feedbacks (100%).

  2. a lot of international buyers are not confirmed with paypal and thus the sellers are not protected. there is also the fear of fraud. and they just plain not want to deal with the hassle of shipping internationally and filling out the forms etc. paypal makes it easy by allowing us to print the labels online but even so we still have to stand on line at the po (which i never have to do with domestic shipping, i pay and print at home and drop it in any mailbox) and then a lot of the postal clerks give us a hard time.

    personally i love my international buyers but i can see how other people would not want to deal with it.

    oh and because i only ship internationally with insurance i will only ship global express or airmail parcel post (unless it's a cheap item then i can ship it priority). many buyers don;t want to hear this and want to pay the same shipping as domestic which can also be a drag
  3. I am hoping an experienced ebayer will answer this. I wonder too. I have just started selling off a few things on ebay, I have had buyers ask me to send to Canada and I said yes. I figure it would be a bit of a hassle as I would need to go to the Post Office and find out the shipping cost and then wait for payment then take it back to the Post Office to ship. I would do it for a $5 item, but for $400 sale, I will haul my butt over to the post office twice!!!
  4. ^^Why did you need to go to the post office before quoting a price? You can find out how much it costs on the USPS website or whatever way you are sending it.

    Imma be real with yall and say it outright. I don't like shipping internationally. PERIOD. I only will ship internationally for certain people at my discretion and I say that upfront (generally people I know from the forum). I am well aware that it may dry up my buying pool, but that's ok. I do ship to Canada, but I don't even like doing that.

    Canadians think that because they are across the border, it's not difficult to send a box to them. Puhlease. You do just as much paperwork to send something to Canada. There is no difference between Canada or Hong Kong or Russia. But I've been lucky the few times I have sent to Canada, that they have been confirmed (in the way paypal confirms international buyers) with addys.
  5. We have shipped to Canada before and it wasn't a difficult process because it was a small item in a padded envelope and our post office didn't make us fill out paperwork.
    I have never shipped to anywhere outside the US on larger items though. I know that I have received numerous requests to ship to Canada for some bags I have been selling on ebay, but they always request that I claim the item is only worth $15. I'm not comfortable doing that so I just have refused to do so and let them know that I will claim the item as what it sells for on ebay without the shipping price and be glad to send it their way. Most things I have sold have been under $200 when asked this question also.
  6. Hm, this thing is also frustrating to me too.........
    But, I guess that is understandable. Has anyone used USACess or something like that? It's like providing you a US shipping address and the DHL will ship the things to your own address for all the packages sent to that "shipping address"
  7. elongreach she may have had to go to the PO because not many own a postage scale to determine the weight.

    I stopped shipping overseas last year when the worst buyer in ebay history bought ALL of the LV perforated items I had listed (2 Speedys, wallets, cles, Pochettes, you name it). She paid a week later (which annoyed me because I stated payment had to be paid within 3 days). I sent everything Global Express. She said she only received the box with the smaller items in it and not the Speedys. Tracking showed she received it.

    She filed a claim with payPal. I had proof it was received. TWO DAYS LATER, she listed the Speedys on ebay with MY pictures! Gees, guess she DID receive the big box afterall! I reported it to ebay and they and PayPal cancelled her claim. I left her 5 negative feedbacks. (she left me one, no biggie).

    Because of that experience, I HATE, let me say that again, I HATE shipping overseas or to Canada. She ruined it for me after almost 7 years of being on ebay.

    I usually state in my auctions that I wont ship overseas. But when I get a buyer who ASKS me to, I usually do it for the sale. Not always. And I NEVER ship to any asian countries. Thats a whole new horror story.
  8. did she go naru?? did ebay cancel the auctions? that's horrible.
  9. One reason some sellers don't want to ship internationally is the whole customs/valuation and related insurance issues. I buy but don't sell on ebay, but had a friend sell a bag for me, and this came up. People wanted exceptions to the US bidders only rule. Having got that, they then wanted a price reduction because they would have to pay high shipping costs and duties and for insurance. This was asked even though the exception was made only on these conditions: I won't swear to a false value and forego insurance on a valuable item. Duties and insurance are the buyers cost and responsibility. Other people feel differently, and have the buyer agree that if a bag is lost or seized (with no insurance, false customs forms, etc.) that buyer is still responsible. I can't see this being enforced, so it isn't much protection for the seller.
  10. I live in asia and normally, have to get my things shipped to friends or family in the US and wait for them to head home, which can be a good long while. I hate that some negative people ruin it for the rest of us!
  11. The best way to ship high end items internationally is to get your buyer to open a fed ex account and you ship on their account number.

    UPS is also quite easy as they actually do the forms for you if you have worldship. They can also open their account for that.

    USPS global express is the only way to ship via Post Office. I pack up and give it to my mailman and he gets my packages through for me - I tip him every month. Packages over 16oz can give you hard time via the mailman. But he knows I have a business and does it for me.

    High end items you should take bank wires only. Paypal can overseas verfiy a buyer - and then it is okay to ship.

    By the way, UPS and Fed Ex you can ship ground for a low fee to Canada. Again, UPS worldship is easiest - does the forms for you!

    Hope that helps.
  12. I agree with the majority here. Shipping to Canada is one big PITA. I know they are right over the border, but it is international. Canadian customs can be very strict. I refuse not to put the correct amount on a package with full insurance on the amount they paid, just so the buyer doesn't get charged fees. It is not my problem. Write to your government.

    I remember once I sent out 2 items one day. One to Canada, and one to Japan. The buyer in Japan rec'd their item first. The PO told me that Canada has some of the strictest customs and that is why it takes so long.

    My only advice to people living in Canada, is just buy from Canada or stop asking sellers to lie on the forms. May sound harsh, but that's how I feel.

    And OhDonna, that really is horrible. I hope they got naru'd at least.
  13. I am sorry you had this bad experiences. I hated people doing things that ruin the opportunities for true bidders like us.
    I have been asking the sellers to send the items to my friend's place. But still, i don't feel very comfortable doing this Because then I have to bother my friend to check the packages for me constantly. And, since they have to mail them for me, that's something even more troublesome to them.
  14. there is a service in the us- california- where people from asian countires can have their packages shipped to and then they ship it to you. i forget the name of it but i know one of my buyers had this once. i think it's great so you don't have to inconvience you friend and if you buy a lot you can have it all shipped together
  15. This will probably jinx me, but I've always sent to countries overseas and I've never had a problem. China, Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, UK, etc. All you have to do is fill out one small customs form and you're done. I always ship my packages with some sort of tracking, and I never lie on the customs forms. That's where you can get into trouble.