Out of all your B-bags.....

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  1. what is the one that you would NEVER part with; the ONE bag that would haunt you forever if you let it go? It does not necessarily have to be your favorite B-Bag, just the one that you know you would never sell.

    I ask because I am not sure what my answer would be; it changes every few days. Right now I am loving my 05 Black Day. It just seems so sturdy compared to my other bags. As much as I love my rouge theatre city, I am already seeing a bit of wear here and there.

    Interested in hearing what you all think.
  2. My very first bag. 06 Black City from dec 05...my very first designer bag.
  3. ATM it's my '04 seafoam city... UNLESS I found another '04 seafoam in mintier condition in another size, then MAYBE I could part with my city. :angel:
  4. oh boy, i can't decide between my '05 black city or my '02 flat brass hobo :shrugs:...i think i'd have to put the flat brass a notch above though :heart:
  5. My trust 05 black First!
  6. My pewter first 05. The b bag that started the addiction.
  7. My bronze city. Definitely.
  8. difficult question :P
    hmm... i used to say i won't part with my eggplant purse. but then i let it go for a caramel weekender, and strangely, although i really love that eggplant, i don't miss it too much, because i got another bag that is more functional to me.
    so it changes everytime, now i think it's my fb caramel '02 and coffee '02...
    but don't know if some other b bag strikes me on the head :yes:
  9. Like a couple of the other ladies here, it would be my very first bag - '06 ink city. :heart: I don't think I could ever give her up!
  10. well, i only have two, but ive thought of selling either of them many a time to fund other b bag purchases

    Id say my first ever b bag - my ink messenger - i just could never let go!

    I havent used it in about a month, the leather and color on my other b bag i find much more delicious than my ink, and i use my OTHER b bag like every day, yet i know if i sold my ink it would kill me. and everytime i'll see an "ink vs ____" thread, i'll hope for everyone to say "_____", but everyone will say ink, and i will feel sad :crybaby:
  11. I don't feel like I have found the "one" quite yet. I love my 04 lilac first the color and leather is amazing but I wish it was a city. I would have to say for now it would be hard for me to sell.
  12. I only have 2 (soon to be 3!) and I wouldn't ever sell either of them: 03 red city and 04 black first....i love them so much.
  13. I think it has to be my black and white damask city. I've never used her and probably never will but she's so beautiful!

    Asides from her, my apple green city and caramel 03 first are pretty close. The apple green because she's close to new even though it's not my favorite color and the caramel because she is my oldest bag so far. =) I'd love to get an 02!!!
  14. :yes: That's a very easy question for me and no thought is required. My Bubblegum Pink City. It's insane how much I love this bag!!!


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  15. It's a 3 way tie.

    My first B-bag-Cornflower Shrug
    My Chocolate First-Goes with EVERYTHING beautifully!
    My EMerald Courier-I am a sucker for gigantic bags and I am a pack rat!