Out of ALL of your beautiful bags, what bag do you use ALL the time??


Oct 31, 2008
Hi Everyone!!

I was just wondering, out of ALL the beautiful bags you have in your closet (and yes we all know there are plenty), what is the bag you use MOST often. Your Go-To bag? The one, that even though you buy a brand new beauty, you still continue to use this ONE. It can be your most expensive or even cheapest, but what bag is it? What designer? And why do you continue to use it??

(I'm interested in finding a perfect bag for me, if you can't tell :smile: )

Thanks in Advance!!!!


Jul 9, 2007
The bag I use most is definitely my Longchamp Le Pilage. I'm a SAHM so if I'm running somewhere without the kids and my diaper bag I usually grab that one. I don't mind if it's sits in a shopping cart or on the floor of a movie theatre.

My 2nd most used is my Junior Drake Megan.

Unfortunately, my beloved Burberry gets used the least (I need to work on that!).


Jan 9, 2008
Mine would be my Chanel Rock flap.:love: I think it's a hobo type bag. It's black,so it goes with everything,very spacious and it's made of vinyl. So if it gets banged or tossed around,it won't harm it. And it doesn't hurt it was on sale & was very reasonably priced. I rotate my bags on a daily basis,sometimes twice a day.:nuts: I find myself using my Rock flap frequently.


Aug 19, 2007
Belen Echandia has two styles that are perfect for me - Take Me Everywhere Midi and Love Me Midi. The bags are similar in size and function, but they have a few differences in the overall style and the straps; one has rolled handles and the other has flat straps with gorgeous details.

I love these bags because they are practical, sylish, and unique. They are the perfect size, have great organization, and can be worn on the shoulder or crossbody using the detachable strap that comes with the bags.

I bought my first one, a Black Crash TME Midi, in October 2008 and I've been using it almost every day since then. Because it works so well for me, I ended up buying 3 more bags, another TME Midi in Wine and two Love Me Midis (Dark Grey and Purple). This way, I have a neutral bag and colorful bag in each style.

Some people say that the problem with these bags is the lack of a zipper. These bags have two snaps and a drawstring. I don't use the drawstring because the snaps are enough for me and I like how the bags look with the drawstrings relaxed.

In case you want to read more, here's the link to my thread about my Black Crash TME Midi. After six months of steady use, there are no marks or scuffs on the bag since the Black Crash leather is very durable.



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Jul 30, 2007
I also try to rotate my bags often so that none of them get neglected!
My go-to bag, though, is a great, big, distressed leather bag by Tylie Malibu. I love EVERYTHING about it - the size, the slouch, the leather, the color, everything. I use it more than any of my LVs and Chanels. And if I could only keep 1 bag, that would be it.


Jan 15, 2007
Lately, it's definitely been my Rebecca Minkoff MAM in sage. It's the perfect size, works both as a handheld bag and also fits perfectly on the shoulders. Rain rolls right off the soft and buttery leather. It also works as a really great neutral that goes with almost everything I wear!


bag lady!
Mar 8, 2009
I have this black Kenneth Cole patent that I actually bought from a consignment shop and it was very well broken in and I love its slightly frayed charm -- not to mention, I'm not afraid of getting it more beaten up -- so I do go to that one quite a bit.


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Sep 16, 2007
kate spade meduim shopper in boarskin black or recently my hampton coach draft tote in black with white stripe . I go back and forth between the two b/c they are so roomy . I can't get enough . i really want to buy another kate spade tote this time in blue. but that will be after i complete summer session classes; but knowing me i will buy it as a goign to summer class session gift lol


Feb 27, 2008
Without question, my MJ grey large Multipocket from the Resort '07 collection. Within the past seven days, four people have stopped me on the street - three of whom were on Fifth Avenue, for heaven's sake - to tell me how gorgeous it is. I agree.:smile:


Jul 4, 2008
My B. Makowsky bag. I tend to reach for that over all my other bags, even the ones that cost 1k+.