Out of 600+ transactions, the worst seller ever! advice??


Mar 1, 2009
Hi everyone, I desperately need your advice..

I recently purchased a RM MAB on ebay that was listed as being in "new, perfect condition with no flaws". I get the bag 2 days later and while looking at it, I noticed that the bag has been damaged from the sun, the handles are two different colors, the area under the outer flap is significantly different than over the flap (it's a purple-blue colored bag) and it's got two other areas where it is pretty discolored. It's obvious.

I kindly email the seller saying I wanted a refund. She gets very nasty and said "ALL SALES FINAL".

I kindly respond that I am sorry she feels that way and will be filing a dispute with Paypal.

She responds to send it back and she will "look at it". I sent it back and after she receives it says "oh by the way I will be charging a 20% restocking fee". Please keep in mind I am editing out her rude comments.

I did not respond and now saw she has really refunded the price of the bag minus 20%. I am livid!! What can I do? Has anybody ever dealt with this issue before?

Please, I could use any advice! Should I file a paypal dispute or an Am Ex dispute? Or should I just let it go? Thank you, Julie

Ellie Mae

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May 24, 2008
Call PP and ask their advice. They should be able to take care of this. If you file a dispute, immediately escalate it to a claim.
If you paid w/ a CC, you can file a chargeback w/ your CC Co for the extra 20%.
But call PP first. If her auctions did not state a 20% restocking fee, then she cannot just arbitrarily decide to charge you.
Plz post the ebay ID so that we do nto buy from her....


Jan 26, 2008
Hi-keep all of your emails and also a copy of the auction in case it is deleted by her or e*ay. Then take photos of the item you received to prove it is 'snad' (significantly not as described). Contact paypal and ebay and file a snad dispute. You should win your paypal case since she already refunded you the $$. You need to file for the rest of your refund. She cannot charge you a 'restocking fee' after the fact, and that may get her in trouble with e*ay.

If paypal gives you a hard time or closes your case, file a chargeback with your cc company. Amex is excellent about taking care of things like this, then the problem is between the seller and paypal.

You will def win and get your $$ back either way....just keep good documentation.

Oh and PS-you were very smart to pay with a cc. I always pay this way when I deal with paypal so I am completely protected. I am sure they hate that!

Good luck!
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Mar 1, 2009
First of all thank you both, Ellie Mae and ggirl for your advice--I feel better about this now! I definitely took pics of the bag and will call Paypal asap.

Her ebay id is jsavage3xue. Such a disappointing transaction!!


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Dec 30, 2007
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Wow, 20% for restocking is pretty hefty. IMO, if a seller applies a restocking fee, it should only apply when the bag is as described but the buyer decides she doesn't want to keep it. If the bag is SNAD, there should be no restocking fee.


Feb 1, 2007
Wow, 20% for restocking is pretty hefty. IMO, if a seller applies a restocking fee, it should only apply when the bag is as described but the buyer decides she doesn't want to keep it. If the bag is SNAD, there should be no restocking fee.
I am not sure it is really kosher on ebay for seller to charge a re-stocking fee? File a SNAD and escalate to a claim as said above.


Jun 12, 2007
You can charge a restocking ONLY if it is in the original listing..

This happened to me once, so DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH THE MONEY IN YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT THAT SHE REFUNDS...SOrry for the caps, but I learned the hardway.
Now, call PP and tell them the situation, Not as described and how she refunded your money but ONLY partially. They will not allow this and get the remaining money back. It might take a few days and a few calls, just be patient, it will be worth it

I made the mistake of taking the partial refund and transferring it into my bank account, and that is supposedly an acception of the partial refund. If I had waited, I would have gotten the rest back too.


Mar 1, 2009
Thank you everybody for your feedback. I just got off the phone with ebay, dispute resolution and they covered the difference. I should have the money refunded in about 5 days. I asked the CS rep of the had any recourse against her and said, "I can't tell you what our recourse is, but there WILL be recourse." Sweet!!

Thanks again!! Julie


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Apr 26, 2007
^YAY! I'm so glad it all worked out for you! I think that restocking fees are bs...the seller just wants the money for the "trouble" they went through! But if she was honest about the condition in the first place then this wouldn't even have happened! :P