Out for my weekly coach fix

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  1. DH and I went out to Dillard's today, as we typically do each week or so, to look at all the pretty Coaches. It sometimes makes me sad that Dillard's is the closest place around here (closest outlet is 150 miles away and I have no idea how far away any boutiques might be) to look at new coach pieces b/c they don't get new things in too often. Anyways, they had the Zoe's in, so I had to hold one to see how I liked her compared with the Carly. I'm really liking the way that she feels when I put her on, so I may have to look into getting a Zoe in the future. While I was testing out Zoe, I was talking to the SA and I happened to mention that I typically come in once a week to get my "coach fix" because looking at stuff I don't already own makes my day brighter. She looked at me like I was crazy for wanting to come in that often to look at the Coach on display, but whatever. DH told me it shouldn't matter what she thinks about me coming in that often, so long as it makes me happy to do so!
    After our trip to the mall, we went to lunch and while he was waiting on our order to be called he overheard these 2 women conversating about how the one had gotten her large "Carly" at the local flea market. She also apparently heard that it comes in black too and might have to go pick her up another. He came back over to me and told me about it and then he said, "If you look closely, you can see that the C's are not the right color and she opened it up and it was orange on the inside. Orange is not supposed to be in there!" Now, I don't know whether the Khaki Carly comes with orange lining or not, but he sounded so sure of himself which I found to be quite amusing.
    I just wanted to share with you girls b/c I thought you might get some enjoyment out of my coach story :smile:
  2. Very observant! You have obviously "trained" your husband well when it comes to Coach:tup:
  3. I need to train my husband. He doesn't have any clue about coach bags. He's aware though that I spend a lot of money on my obsession and he was okey with as long as I know my limit.
  4. Too funny! My husband has no idea why I am so picky and would not even know a knock off from a authentic :nogood: . Smart guy you have !
  5. Cute story. You got your hubby trained well. :tup:
  6. I've been trying to train my husband, but except for the obviously fake ones, he can't tell the difference.
  7. LOl...I too was educating my bf in the parking lot of our grocery store today! LOL!