Out for Fondue - Again!

  1. Feeling down so I'm off to get fondue again, happy mood will send happy vibes for early acquisition of dream Birkins~:yes:

    Btw, fondue restaurant is probably NOT a good place to bring Hermes bags inside, right?
  2. Kou...you must be feeling like I'm feeling today....what's going on!?!?!?! Only I went out and downed two big fat eclaires and a large cup of capuccino!!!!! I would have been better off with fondue!
  3. ohhhh - now I feel like fondue, and it's only 11am here!!!!!:P
  4. Mmmm, Fondue sounds really good. Chocolate or cheese???

    I am sorry you are feeling down. I hope you feel better soon.:flowers:
  5. I think it's the whole country. It's really gloomy here in Michigan today...feels like fall. We don't have a fondue restaurant here, but it might be nice!
  6. It's the middle of winter here....I need fondue!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!
  7. Yeah....even a friend of mine in NY is gloomy....thank God for tPF where I can get a laugh or two.....

    Actually, all I have to do is look at Kristie's avatar and I'm gone.....sometimes ya gotta wonder about Hermes....
  8. :lol: ....I'm thinking of special-ordering one of these babys:yes: :roflmfao:
  9. I am afraid of chocolate fondue:wtf: ...I love chocolate so much, that the last thing I need is a new way of eating it.:tender: can they make a chocolate covered birkin? actually my first birkin was chocolate color because it looked good enough to eat!:nuts: :P
  10. Mmmm chocolate! I've been feeling cranky all day. I just downed a yummy eclair myself. :lol: I feel better now. :wlae:
  11. nope, there's absolutely nothing wrong w/ sportin a H bag at a fondue spot!

    what's up w/ this funk that's going around? even my DH has it... either that or else he's really suffering fr. WC withdrawal!:rolleyes:
  12. Mmm .... well I ended up only having the cheese fondue tonight and the experience kind of sucked. Well first there was the Chanel incident, then I went to the fondue place and they said they would put me on the waiting list for the next available seat but they forgot about me~:wtf:

    So at the end, I had to sit at the bar to have my cheese fondue. Since there was only one of me, I was supposed to get charged as 1.5 unit, but when the bill came they charged me for 2 ... I didn't argue (maybe I should've) and just paid it ... I ended up not having the entree or chocolate fondue because they forgot about the table for me and I was getting a bit too down to bother ...

    I need Hermes pick-me-up right about now. Oh all-powerful Hermes~~~ Please bestow upon me a brand-new fuchsia ostrich JPG Birkin~~~~~ :yahoo: :choochoo: :biguns: :happydance: :tispy:
  13. WHAT Chanel incident? I'm so clueless.....
  14. Oh oops ... The full story is on the Chanel board called "This is pretty stupid but I need help". I am not meant to cheat on Hermes:lol:
  15. That's ok Kou...I have two beloved Chanel bags....Re-Issue in Medium Grey and a Chocolate "Bolt" bag. :flowers:
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