Out For Delivery

  1. WHERE IS THE UPS GUY????????
  2. :roflmfao: This is me too!!!! Oh my gosh it's nice to know I'm not the only bag stalker on TPF! Try and relax....I know how hard it is!
  3. ^^^I'm in full stalk mode...........!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
  4. He's not at your house because he's heading to MINE (I hope). :woohoo:I like to think I have a few virtues, but patience is certainly not among them!:shame:
  5. LOL I'm not too worried about the UPS guy today-- he's only bringing me nail polishes. The mailman, however, should be bringing me a brand new Goldenbleu bag either tomorrow or wednesday. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! :yahoo:

    ps- What's he bringing you Voodoo????
  6. Why does it always seem like my house is the very last stop of the day? Like the guy is going everywhere else (delivering totally boring things like office supplies that no one cares about), stopping for lunch and whatnot, and then finally getting around to my place. At that point he's so ready to be done with his day that he just chucks the box out of his truck, barely slowing down, and it lands with a big THUD into a puddle or something.

    Sorry Voodoo, I tend to think worst-case when it comes to UPS. But I hope your driver is nice and friendly and that your stop is his first!!
  7. The UPS guy is supposed to show up at my house before the 30th. can't wait!!!
  8. Oh, dear!! Well, fortunately this one is coming to my office and we have had the same driver for about 2 years and he's really good....but sometimes he gets here at 8 a.m. and sometimes he gets here at 3 p.m..... and he's still not here.......WHERE ARE YOU?????????
  9. my ups delivery usually doesnt happen till 6 ot7 :crybaby:
  10. OOOOOOO she's here!

    She's SO gorgeous...and the leather is tdf.. so soft...I can't stop patting this bag :lol:
  11. My UPS guy either comes at 1-2 or 6-7, depending on which center the package is coming from. I always cringe when I see that it's coming from the farther location, because sometimes they run out of time and have to reschedule delivery for the following day :push:

    Yayyyyyy! Post some pics! :tup:
  12. Lenny leather is awesome!! Enjoy your new bag VooDoo. I can't wait for my new bags to arrive.
  13. HH black and lead Mimis should be waiting for me at home today...
  14. OK Voodoo quit petting it for just one sec and take some pics of it and post 'em already!! :p