" Out For Delivery "

  1. ...and I can't wait! I scratched my itch;) and hopefully I can share with all of you before too long!:heart:
  2. oh so exciting!
  3. Eeeeeeeekk!!
  4. oh yaay!!can't wait to see how big you scratched!!
  5. oohh, something mou in blue jean perhaps?
  6. you girls really drive me CRAZY! and I thought being gay means that girls tell you every lil, dirty secret-.....COME on,...just a lil detail, AuthL!

    I am literally dying....and the worst part: every day someone does that! hee hee

  7. *ding! ding! ding!*

    What can I say? Too gorgeous to pass up - I had to do it!!!!

    How's that for a not-so-subtle clue, hennaria?;)
  8. mou mou mou. hahaha
  9. OMG!!!! Ok, give us some hints.....

  10. mou . . . blue . . . like this?

  11. I just love deliveries!!!!!
  12. May I be so BOlide as to venture a guess? Is it 37 perhaps?:graucho:
  13. LOL, DQ! EXACTLY like that!!!!:lol:
  14. ;)
  15. Ohhh, is it the Bolide!?!