Out for delivery! Woohoo!

  1. It looks like my HH sale bags and my BE love me may be out for delivery today! They better not come when I have to pick DS up for school b/c I have to sign for them (which Im sure will happen b/c thats the time the trucks normally come...sigh.....and I wont be home at all tomorrow)...keeping my fingers crossed!
  2. Good luck! I hope you can get them today. I wish I had some bags on the way! Would make this miserably cold and snowy week easier to get through, haha.
  3. Yay! Good luck receiving them..I know how you are feeling at the moment!! All the anticipation lol
  4. I got all 3.....the 2 HH are awesome! Im happy with the bittersweet gaza--I was regretting not getting the prune but the bittersweet looks perfect in this style bag.
    My BE is a beautiful color...it needs to soften up some b/c its still a bit structured and resembles a bowling bag lol....but Im sure when it gets used it will be wonderful!