Out and About with your YSL!!! ACTIONS SHOTS!!

  1. OMG!!! I've always wanted a Muse 2 but seeing you ladies rock it so well makes me :drool:
  2. I typically follow the balenciaga forum but recently have been interested in all things YSL. here are my OS muse and turquoise artsy ring!

  3. ^You look GREAT in YSL! Welcome. :yes:
  4. My first day with my Marine Patent Easy on a business casual day. DH insisted I stand in the sun so I'm squinting horribly. For reference I am just shy of 5'10".

  5. Grietje love the color of your easy!
  6. everyone looks amazing with their YSL goodies!!!!

    More, more, more!!!!
  7. For my 3000th post... here's a flashback of me when I first joined tPF. And now, my YSL collection has grown substantially. :blush:

  8. aaaaaaaaaw, congrats bubbleoba on 3000th post, that is a great milstone, and I failed to notice mine..I will look for next big one for certain :smile: .. you look amazing here...BTW where do you show your collection, if you have not so far, will you ? :graucho:
  9. With my Marine Roady :love:

  10. Hello ladies! I don't actually own a YSL handbag but I was out with my YSL Sunglasses and Enamel Arty ring today! Hope that this is also acceptable in this action shot thread :smile: I don't actually know whether you can see the ring fully, it is on my right hand and has a fuchsia colour! Thanks for letting me share:

  11. This is a thread for everything YSL !!! Sunglasses and ring welcome...BUT your jacket (I guess it is a Bal) and Bal bag are to die for !!!!! Welcome and congrats on such a cool outfit :nuts: I love your blog, especially Valentines food !!! your favorite breakfast (fruit, dark chocolate and cottage cheese) I actually eat often (very similar to yours but with greek yoghurt, and yes - dark chocolate) before going to bed !!! I do not know why but I do not crave anything in the morning, but this is my favorite night sweet :smile:
  12. Hi bubbleloba,

    Can I just ask what size Muse you're carrying? I am saving up for a Muse but can't decide on the size, and I think I might be about you're height.

  13. Disco, your Marine Roady is TDF! :love: It goes perfectly with your top.
  14. Thank you papertiger! YSL and Dior, how could it not be great right? :graucho:
    Could you tell me how to get the picture so big in the post?? I've been trying to figure out how to do that for ages (feeling kinda blonde here!)
  15. my besace with new tote to accompany it - Valentino maison