Out and About with your YSL!!! ACTIONS SHOTS!!

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  1. Those Nordstrom Rack boots are outrageous, @niknaks73! I :heart: the stability of Tribtoo heels.

    Sharing some pics of a pair of Chocolate Saint Laurent Cavaliere Riding Boots I picked up from Barney's Warehouse online. They're conservative and a darker black-brown than I was expecting, but they replace a pair of beloved boots that are long overdue for retirement.



  2. Out shooting for the blog today with my favorite medium YSL Cabas Chyc in black! Love, love, love this bag... such a classic style -- even though it can turn into a black hole at times. I'll be featuring it on my blog in the next few days :smile: Be sure to check it out for more YSL and lots of handbag inspiration (link in signature)!

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  3. Pretty! love them all
  4. With my new Cassandre Bag :heart:

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  5. Absolutely love it!!!!
  6. Hoping to revive an old thread! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1456898737.105365.jpg
    -Tribute pumps in bleu roy
    -rose gold Arty ring
  7. Beautiful!!
  8. Gorgeous
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457474728.708925.jpg

    My first YSL with my Dior sunglasses. The bag is tiny so I usually just put a cardholder and phone and kegs in them.
  10. awesome collection:smile: just wow
  11. Semi-action shot with my YSL hehe :cool:

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  12. Thank you! [emoji8]

  13. [emoji7][emoji7]

    Just gorgeous!!
  14. Obsessed with these shades!

  15. It has been a while since I use the BDJ clutch.

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