Out and About with your YSL!!! ACTIONS SHOTS!!

  1. Beautiful! It looks perfect together with your green coat and gold belt!
  2. Lovely action shots with your YSL bags, ladies! I was so inspired by your 'out and about' photos, I decided to share one of mine.:smile:

    My patent grey Downtown accompanied me around the sales in my town last week.

    image-2484949719.jpg image-1556611636.jpg
  3. gorgeous Prada princess :biggrin:
  4. ^Thanks, Vesna!:smile:
  5. YSL Messenger Bag

  6. I really like the grey PL, especially for the Downtown, it looks fabulous with the colors you are wearing.
  7. Thanks, @Ceeyahd!:smile:
  8. LOVE YSL...I was able to score two YSL at the Cabazon outlet...a Silver Metallic medium Muse and a beautiful red cherry Easy medium.:roflmfao:
  9. Hello, ysl lovers) I have just realized, that I posted my shoes in a little bit wrong place...

    My first ysl pair of shoes. Small leopard print tributes.

  10. Hi everyone I recently wore my Tributes. Love these shoes.


  11. Wow guys, YSL is obviously the brand for gorgeous, stylish people.

    justpeachy I have no idea if there is even a bag in your pics because quite frankly I can't take my eyes off YOU!

    r15234 I'm not telling how cool you look cos you already know :p

    deathetothepixies anyone who can wear those iconic shoes for real :salute:

    Bagcat you nailed the casual chic look :tup:
  12. It's so clever the way you have used your bag to tie the tunic and the skirt together colourwise :tup:

    Irresistible, lucky you to be able to look at your beautiful feet all day

    Your whole look is just like the sunshine,

    ...this thread is getting a bit tooooo enabling :biggrin:
  14. Thank you, papertiger.:blush:
  15. oh you.... :heart: