Our Wonderful, Beautiful, Kind, Member jmcadon

  1. We lost our beloved jmcadon to cancer last Saturday night. Janis was a long time member and a fixture in the Jimmy Choo and BV forum, and knew so much. She was always helpful and giving of her time. I miss her terribly, some of you know she was my friend outside of the Purseforum. Janis loved animals if you want to do something in her honor, you can donate to:
    FOCAS (Friends of Calaveras Animal Services)
    P. O. Box 22
    Mokelumme Hill, CA 94245

    All funds are spent on the animals at the Calaveras Animal Shelter
    FOCAS is a 501 c 3 tax exempt organization
  2. Thank you for sharing this. I am so sorry, she will be missed. Such a kind person, may she rest in peace.
  3. This is such sad news. I remember almost 10 yrs ago we both rallied for the creation of a Jimmy Choo subforum. Since then she was always kind and generous in helping and encouraging other tPF members. My condolences to her family.
  4. OMG. I came over here to do some bag research and saw this post. I did not know your dear friend but I wanted to pass on how sorry I am to hear of your loss. :heart::heart:
  5. How horribly sad. Jmcadon was my very first purse forum friend. A very sweet, dedicated member. She will be sadly missed...
  6. Oh my goodness, such sad news. She was always so lovely and so helpful on here. My thoughts are with her family.
  7. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this. Prayers to her family

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  8. I'll keep this thread open for a little while longer, then close and unstick.
  9. I just came across this thread and I'm so sorry to read this news. She had answered many questions about BV for me over the years and was so helpful. May she Rest In Peace.
  10. So sorry to hear. I lost a loved one from the Big C also and it's tough. May her beautiful soul rest in peace forever.