Our Very Own: Purse Secret

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May 7, 2006
Hi everyone....

I am a huge fan of Post Secret http://postsecret.blogspot.com/

If you're not familiar with it, people around the world send in secrets (via mail on postcards) and they are posted on the website. There are even books out there...and the newest thing is to leave a secret inside a book at the bookstore for someone else to find.

There is something liberating about telling a secret....sometimes even though we have a very best friend, our secret is so embarrassing we can't even tell them. Or you might feel there could be repercussions of sharing a secret. Sometimes secrets are small little secrets (maybe buying a purse without hubby knowing) or could be something you've been keeping inside forever. Maybe it's something you'd love to share online....but fear that your online friends would look at you differently.

So.....I thought that maybe our community could start our very own Post Secret-esque thread....but instead I've called it 'Purse Secret'.

I've set up a completely anonymous hotmail account that I will check once a day. I will never respond to your email and will promptly delete it. I will basically just copy and paste whatever you put in the email....so please don't sign it, etc. Also, if you're truly worried about remaining anonymous I would recommend using an email address that does not contain your tPF screenname (I wouldn't post email addresses....just the message within).

I'll post secrets as I receive them...and we can all comment on them if we'd like....maybe words of support or encouragement, etc.!

Maybe I'm off my rocker here.....but I think this could be fun and cathartic!

The email address to send secrets to is: [email protected]
OMG, this is going to be a blast! I cant wait to see some secrets roll in. I will post mine...but I must wait to see what other people say first lmao. Im such a chicken sh*t.
LOL Val......I have some secrets of my own to get off my chest too LOL

Jamie: I LOVE the site.....sometimes the secrets make me laugh...others make me want to cry!
OK We have some secrets already....I'll post them one post at a time so that we can respond to each one individually if we'd like:

I am quite accompished professionaly, my colleagues are always in wonder at how well I cope and I how I never let anything get me down.
At home my life is a shambles. My husband has been seeing another woman for 7 years, they have bought a house but he won't move in it with her, becuase "we are not the kind of family that divorces". We appear at all public and family finctions together and nobody knows. My son suffers from bipolar disorder and is a major druc addict. Mostly I sit home by myself most nights. I never cry, I am famous for my laugh, they tell me my smile is warm and I am compassionate. If I ever did cry, I am afraid I would never stop.
Here is another:

I was screwed into buying two fake LV's...and I still wish to carry one of them (because I love it SO much) but am afraid of being JUDGED for carrying a fake bag.
And the last one right now:

I am $65000 in credit card debt but I keep buying purses. I can't stop shopping. Sometimes this hurts my marriage. Sometimes I don't care and sometimes it makes me cry. I want to keep all the pretty bags, shoes, clothes, accessories, makeup I have and still get out of debt. They make me feel pretty and worth something. Every time I try to dig out of the hole I find another purse to put me back in. Husband makes a lot of money and we don't have a problem paying everything and having fun....but I'm afraid one day he won't have a job and we'll be bankrupt. I'm on a 36 month plan to pay it all off....but 7 months later I've only paid off one card because I've used the credit cards.
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