Our two rescue cats - a 'before' picture

  1. Yesterday we went to the rescue centre where we adopted our two cats from a few years ago.
    They take photos of all the cats that go through their doors and put them all in an album with a little note about them. We found a picture of our two when they first arrived (one of them quite literally having just been born!) :heart:


  2. aw how cute!!!!!!! thats a nice gesture of them!!
  3. How lovely you adopted two kittens! I imagine over the years they've given you lots of happiness.
  4. We adopted the mummy and one of the kittens, but she was about a year old by then.
    Mummy is on the left of my signature picture with her eyes closed, looking a lot happier (and fatter!) :heart:
  5. awww! Yay for you adopting mom! very sweet. :smile:
  6. What a precious photo!
  7. so sweet!
  8. What beautiful cats! I love that you got the mom and a baby! I love white cats.
  9. Aww, look at those little dumplings!! So cute! Congrats :heart:

  10. good on you for adopting these poor cats, they look a lot better now!
    a year ago i got a puppy (jack russell) and have been debating whether to get another small dog to keep him company!
    i dont know whether to go down to the rescue place as i know it would prob really upset me and id want to take them all home with me!:crybaby:

    they are very sad places, but to give a animal a new chance is a great thing to do!
  11. She's sure looking happy and healthy! Good job.
  12. Great pix. Mum and her kittens are precious.
  13. Beautiful!
  14. How wonderful that you adopted the momma!!! Momma's usually get put down due to the fact it costs more to get a "used" cat fixed, and the fact the teets can be a bit large to look at. Horrible but true. You did a super thing, and I am SO delighted to see how healthy and happy your babies are only a year after their homeless ordeal. :heart: