Our (shopaholiccat & chanel princess)'s first chanel :) yay!!!!

  1. So excited of getting our first chanel!!!!!!!! we've been a fan of LV for so long, and its now time to move on to our new love ----> CHANEL :heart:

    Chanel Princess got herself a GST with gold hardware and I got myself a very pretty black caviar medium flap with silver HW :smile:

    btw, we actually went to the chanel boutique during our school breaks to get it :smile: lol

    here are pictures :smile:

    *on a side note, i'll be getting my first chanel wallet soon ---> cotton club silver wallet :smile:

    oh right, i was kind of sad because chanel princess when she got her Chanel necklace, she got this really nice envelop that had a flower on the front to hold her reciepts. Today, the SA gave me my reciepts w/o giving me an envelop :sad: so i especially asked for an evelop....BUT SHE GAVE ME a blank envelop instead of the pretty one lol..i'm gonna ask for that one next time i get my wallet.. LOL yes i'm such a loser!!!!! but i'm sooo excited..yay!!! ;)

    ENJOY the pictures





  2. :heart:
  3. congrats on both of your lovely bags!
  4. Congrats, it's so pretty!! And you look amazing! :nuts:
  5. very beautiful! nice pics.
  6. Congrats to both of you.My first chanel not long ago was a medium flap as well.
  7. congrats girls and welcome to Chanel, be warned it can become very addictive...
  8. Congrats on your new love. Good choice. :tup:

    I also have the black Jumbo flap with silver hardware as well. :heart: mine to death.
  9. thanks all :smile:

    karman- get your chanel NOW :smile: its soo addictive lol
  10. So beautiful!

  11. LOL. you're not a loser--i think we all just love those little details that come with the chanel shopping experience! congrats on your bag!!
  12. Oh, what great choices for your first chanels! They look great on both of you! And yes, like cammy1 said, it is addictive... I just got my third lol! But it's such a nice addiction :heart:
  13. Congrats on your beautiful flap. It is the perfect first Chanel. It was my first Chanel too, except I have the gold h/w. Enjoy! :heart:
  14. congrats! gorgeous!
  15. Great photos, great bags! Congrats!